River Falls (6-3) @ #4 La Crosse Central (6-3)
This should be a great game as both teams have faced tough competition in 2008. River Falls lost two of their games in close calls with Menomonie and Superior. Only real big loss was to Chippewa Falls obviously. I will give the edge to the Wildcats in this one. This is running back Levi Johnson's time to make a name for himself (not that he hasn't already). He needs to help carry his team in the playoffs and produce more than he ever has yet. They have a tough bracket in their region and will need to bring their A game each and every week. I don't think LaX has faced a running back like Johnson yet this year, so I like that match-up. I'm taking River Falls in the upset.
PREDICTION: River Falls over La Crosse Central
SCORE: 42-21

Merrill (6-3) @ #3 Menomonie (6-3)
The Indians are coming off of a brillant win against River Falls this last week. Although the Wildcats blew to field goal attempts, the win is what the Indians needed heading into round one of the playoffs. I don't think Merrill will bring much of a challenge to Menomonie. By that I'm meaning to say Menomonie has faced tougher competition this year in the Big Rivers and some Menomonie went .500 in those games (wins against River Falls/Superior, losses agains Chi-Hi/Hudson). I don't think Merrill could beat any of those teams, I know each game is different but I think the Indians are to well prepared and expierenced to suffer a loss here. Look for the Indians to move on to the next round to take on #2 seed Antigo.
PREDICTION: Menomonie over Merrill
SCORE: 28-12

Hudson (6-3) @ #3 Stevens Point (7-2)
Hudson onced again gets matched up against SPASH in round one of the WIAA playoffs. Hopefully this year won't end up the same way as last. Hudson was knocked out right away by SPASH with a loss of 41-15. Last year I think Stevens Point was a lot stronger team. This year could be very different. Hudson has one of the top defenses in the area. Their passing attack has been putting up numbers as of late and they will need to continue doing so this Tuesday. I think this game will come down to Hudson's defense and just how well they perform. There's no Mitch Sutton this year which is a major plus, but Stevens Point is a well put together football program. Hopefully Hudson can pull of the upset, but I just don't think they will pull it off.
PREDICTION: Stevens Point over Hudson
SCORE: 34-18

Superior (6-3) @ #2 D.C. Everest (8-0)
Just when we we're saying Superior had one of the toughest schedules in the state, they now have to open the playoffs 'AT' D.C. Everest, the same team that just pulled off a squeaker in week 2 by beating the Spartans by a score of 16-14. If you look at paper, this game should be a very good tight game. The 2 point victory in week 2 would make one think this game could go either way...that was week two however. I would LOVE to see Superior advance to the next round but in all honesty, D.C. Everest is a better team than what they were in week 2. All the kinks are out and they are ready to go. Did I mention the game is AT D.C. Everest? What a plus for this game. If it was is Superior I might lean towards Superior, some. But who knows, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about by any means. Maybe the Spartans will put a cork in my mouth. Good luck Superior.
PREDICTION: D.C. Everest over Superior
SCORE: 41-14

Bay Port (7-2) @ #1 Chippewa Falls (9-0)
PREDICTION: Chippewa Falls over Bay Port
SCORE: 25-16
"Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it's so incredible, it's unbelievable." - Tom Landry

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." - F.N.L.

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*Superior was in the same situation as last year going to DCE at 6-3. Hudson also had to take on SPASH the first round too. Im really pulling for both our BRC teams, hoping we get a rematch of last night. The game last night in Hudson just shows you what both of these teams are all about.
"After Round 1 you are either done for the season, or you keep going into the playoffs. You can't tie now, its all or nothing."
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I'm going with all Big Rivers teams but Superior, although I think Superior will give them a game.
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River Falls
Chi Hi

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First, congratulations to all the seniors from BRC teams that didn't qualify for the playoffs. Your hard work and dedication to the sport may not be evident now, but it will be in the future. Everyone who plays this tough sport deserves respect-and you've got mine.

Second, for the teams that have qualified for the playoffs, especially those in DI, do not put much stock in some of the predictions of these games. Many will base their predictions (guesses) on the past and not have any or little knowledge of where teams are currently at. We will likely soon hear from a poster that BRC lines cannot compete with the WVC lines (seen it the past couple years). I've seen teams play from both the WVC and BRC this season, the BRC lines and teams as a whole will compete at the same level this season.

IMO, here's where the BRC is currently at:
1) Coaching has improved. Not only in top spots for each team but staff have solidified too. It seems the BRC has quite a few heads and assistants who have been together for a few years now. Seems we have a good group of coaches in the conference now.
2) One of WVC's advantages year in and year out is their numbers. Keeping your athletes and big boys out in each class is huge. The better WVC teams consistently have 30 or so seniors each year, which means they have kept more in each class playing football. Looking at rosters from the BRC this season, it seems many teams are improving at keeping more players in each class playing the game.
3) Weight training and speed programs in the BRC have improved for a few teams these last few years.

Bottom line is the BRC has closed the gap.
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River Falls
Chippewa Falls
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goin all BRC, why not, we got 5 teams in, one of them has to win
"After Round 1 you are either done for the season, or you keep going into the playoffs. You can't tie now, its all or nothing."
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River Falls 28 LaX 21
Menominee 24 Merrill 14
D.C.E. 35 Superior 14
SPASH 27 Hudson 7
Bay Port 21 Chi Hi 17
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I have Chippewa, River Falls and Menomonie winning by at least seven. For DCE/Supe and SPASH/Hudson here's the following for discussion sake.

-DCE 16 - Superior 14
-DCE 31 - WI Rapds 0
-DCE 30 - SPASH 16 (DCE scores on one or two special teams opening the game up some)
-DCE 23 - Marshfield 7
-DCE 35 - Wausau West 14
-SP 33 - WI Rapids 7
-SP 16 - DCE 30
-SP 35 - Marshfield 14
-SP 28 - Wausau West 0
-Supe 14 - DCE 16
-Supe 6 - Menomonie 21
-Supe 25 - Hudson 20
-Hud 36 - WI Rapids 13
-Hud 26 - Menomonie 7
-Hud 20 - Superior 25
WI Rapids 35 -Wausau West 16
Menomonie 16 - Marshfield 22
Menomonie 22 - Wausau West 12

Nobody except some on this board seem to be giving BRC teams a chance, except for some having Chippewa winning a game. When looking at the scores of common opponents, sure seems to me Hudson and Superior have a shot. Play fired up fella's!
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Superior also lost a close one to Chi-Hi 28-27 in OT. To be honest Superior got a tough draw, but could possibly make some noise if they somehow beat DC Everest.
"After Round 1 you are either done for the season, or you keep going into the playoffs. You can't tie now, its all or nothing."
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xavorp wrote:

Chippewa goes down to bay port another wasted oppertunity by the program

Cant win the big game?

Probably should of played Kalieen at QB

Man those ECM kids sure are classy...
They talk smack all game long, throw cheap shots and then finish it all off with a prayer to end the game. Better luck next season Old Abes. Mommy and Daddy should send you to Sylvan to learn how to spell.
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That is a typical Memorial comment. They have always had the least amount of class of anyone in that conference.
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