In the Milwaukee area, conferences need to be reshaped and redrawn with a complete disregard for traditional rivalries. First, I would suggest taking the largest 8 schools and putting them into a conference. Next I would divide the next tier of 16 or 18 into two conferences based on North/South Geography and so on down. Lastly I would just put Thomas More in the Midwest Classic North so they can face schools their own size.

No more Homestead and Arrowhead beating up on schools almost half their size. No more Wisconsin Lutheran beating up on schools twice their size...wait, that doesn't really help the arguement but it will probably help the ego of the Little Ten teams (Hartford) come playoff time. Breaking up the Milwaukee Conference to force them to be more competitive to earn conference titles so that when they actually EARN a playoff birth, they aren't blown out as a #1 seed by some 4-5 team on a yearly basis. This should eliminate the virtual bye some Milwaukee area teams get in the first round of the playoffs when paired against a City Team.

Reply with your thoughts as to how best this should be done. Below is a list with larger schools and their current enrollments.

Greater Metro[/font]
Brookfield Central 1382[/font]
Marquette 2104[/font]
Hamilton/Sussex 1255[/font]
W. Allis Hale 1518 [/font]
Menomonee Falls 1567[/font]
Tosa East 1122[/font]
W. Allis Central 1535[/font]
Brookfield East 1367[/font]
Little Ten[/font]
Wisconsin Lutheran 862[/font]
Hartford 1662[/font]
W. Bend East 1201[/font]
W. Bend West 1165[/font]
Beaver Dam 1069[/font]
Oconomowoc 1489[/font]
Slinger 967[/font]
Watertown 1338[/font]
North Shore[/font]
Homestead 1536[/font]
Cedarburg 1129[/font]
Port Wash 846[/font]
Whitefish Bay 932[/font]
Germantown 1403[/font]
Grafton 876[/font]
Mil Lutheran 731[/font]
Nicolet 1261[/font]
Classic Eight[/font]
Arrowhead 2312[/font]
Catholic Memorial 775[/font]
Kettle Moraine 1495[/font]
Waukesha West 1522[/font]
Mukwonago 1760[/font]
Waukesha North 1286[/font]
Pius XI 1227[/font]
Waukesha South 1367[/font]
Peewaukee 724[/font]
Greendale 893[/font]
New Berlin Ike 882[/font]
Saint Francis 603[/font]
Whitnall 939[/font]
Greenfield 1110[/font]
New Berlin West 741[/font]
Thomas More 430[/font]
Cudahy 870[/font]
Brown Deer 714[/font]
Tosa West 992[/font]
Milwaukee City ? Blackbourn[/font]
Mil South 1458[/font]
Mil Madison 1057[/font]
Mil Custer 1280[/font]
Mil Marshall 1435[/font]
Mil King 1501[/font]
Mil North 894[/font]
Milwaukee City ? Richardson[/font]
Mil Riverside 1600[/font]
Bay View 1727[/font]
Bradley Tech 1579[/font]
Hamilton 2292[/font]
Washington 994[/font]
Pulaski 1776[/font]
Vincent 1541
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while at first glance this is a decent idea it will never happen because tradition is part of high school sports. while some realigning may need to be done i really doubt a complete overhaul will ever be done for the sake of one sport. sooner or later these teams that are dominating right now will fall. just look at oconomowoc a decade or 2 ago. they were dominating...now not so much. its the cycle that sports teams go through. if anything should be done, i would say the way teams are seeded for playoffs in all sports needs to be reexamined and fixed.?
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Like like your input but I think that in most cases, traditional rivalries can be kept within conference and if need be, non-conference games can be set up. Most of these conference lines were drawn a long...long time ago when enrollment numbers were very different. And I don't think this would just aid football, I think all sports would benefit all sports because while there are schools like Wisconsin Lutheran that can compete and WIN against the big boys consistently in most sports, there are a lot more that can't. And if DeNoyer were to suddenly leave that program, I am sure they would sink into a lasy place abyss in the Little Ten like they were before he arrived.

Take for example the North Shore. Half the teams in that conference are D-3. Or the Classic 8, where Arrowhead doubles up school size almost 3/4ths the teams in the conference. Its not that much of a mystery why those schools dominate year in and year out.

Since playoff seeding (homefield advantage) is judged by wins and losses, especially within conference instead of the actual power of a team, a recast would help this also. Like you said, basketball does do it a lot better but there are still to many cases where a 10-10 team is the best team in a region but they are seeded 5 or 6 because of records.

Is Milwaukee Washington really under 1,000 enrollment? That will be scary for the basketball playoffs if they are D2.
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I am not from the area so I see no problem with it. I know nothing about the rivalries, I am sure there are some good ones though. I want to see the best teams in the playoffs for football. I want to see team get seeds that they deserve, which doesn't happen. The Milwaukee city schools seeds are too high 9 out of 10 years.
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Westfalls wrote:

I am not from the area so I see no problem with it. I know nothing about the rivalries, I am sure there are some good ones though. I want to see the best teams in the playoffs for football. I want to see team get seeds that they deserve, which doesn't happen. The Milwaukee city schools seeds are too high 9 out of 10 years.

Whole-scale change for the area is unnecessary and, quite frankly, utopian at its core. This isn't a perfect world and it simply won't happen for a myriad of reasons.

As I mentioned on the City board, they need to make some serious changes to the structure of City Conference football. It is ridiculous that the Blackbourn only plays five conference games, they need to bring back a cross-over game or something. What I really want to see though is the elimination of the divisions and a rotating schedule like the Woodland adopted this year. Only the best City teams should make the playoffs, and I have a hard time believing Madison and Custer (who has lost 14 of their last 17 games!) are among them.
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Rhino, I agree with everything you say about the Milwaukee City conference in regards to Football. Maybe 1 or 2 teams a year from that conference deserve to make the playoffs. And of those 1 or 2 teams, none of them deserve a seeding 9 out of 10 years. Thats why I think dividing up the city conference would help a lot. It will make the good teams better by facing stiffer competition week in and week out and prevent teams that don't really try from making the playoffs.

But I don't really think it is utopian or a "perfect world" set up, it is ideal with so many schools within driving distance of one another within an area and would benefit all. The bigger schools would be forced to face stiffer competition week in and week out and thus become better. Smaller schools would benefit by facing schools in their enrollment bracket and not King Kong up the way just because of some set up that made sense back in the day. Then if David still wants to play Goliath every year, they can schedule a non-conference game.

Ironically, this is what happens around the Madison area. Its not this drastic but then again, the Madison area re-aligns things every few years so numbers don't get so out of whack.

I'll agree with you on another point though Rhino, it would be near impossible to get done. But that would have more to do with politics, beaurocrats, paper-pushers and people in power who just don't feel like putting in the effort.
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