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Peace on earth. Cheer nice.
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Wow, well they are basically draining the fun out the game. One thing I enjoy about cheering is that the fans can throw a player off his game and then he struggles. I agree using swears is unnessecary. I enjoy that part of watching basketball
I remember last year when we played at Greendale, Branden Rex had got busted for drinking and I had brought posters saying "Wheres the Party At? Rex?" We got that taken away, but another one of their players-Justin Calvert told me to shut the hell up after he got his second foul in the first.
So then when Rex came to West and he was eligible to play so we got a bunch of party cups and would toast him everytime he touched the ball, and in the fourth quarter we sang "99 bottles of beer on the wall and he missed both free throws too.
The best thing about it, is Rex laughed about the whole thing and used in as motivation and I believe had around 12. He didnt get in bitch fit about he just handled it the way it should be... like an adult. Please Comment, I finally am starting to work on this on a consistant basis. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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