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Doug is a great GM and he understands the importance of value. We can't be like the Cubs and drop $240 mil in an offseason. Hell, even the Yankees don't spend that kind of dough these days. Red Sox, Mets, Rangers, Angels.... Everyone is spending tons. Even though M.A. is willing to spend money doesnt mean he is willing to go for broke in any given year.
If we can sign them longterm then we will have a core of players that will be around for a while. If we can't sign someone long term, then there is a great chance that they will be traded.

The Brewers are going in the right direction. We havent been on a two or three year plan. We've been on a five year plan since 2002.... Our young guys aren't going to be all-stars right away, they have to grow. This team will be fine. Seriously, everyone, take a chapter from my book and stop getting dillusional like Cub fans...

I'm really not sure where to even start with this response, but here it goes....

First of all, while the Cubs have increased the size of their payroll a little, it still isn't ANYWHERE near the total of the Yankees. The Cubs were 7th in total payroll last season, and still OVER $100 Million less than the Yankees (and over $25 Million lees than the Red Sox.)

When looking at last years roster, the Cubs cut over 40 Million (8 players) from it, with the big deductions being Wood's 10+ Million when it was restructured, Maddux's 9 million and Pierre's 5.75 million.

As far as increasing payroll, the only difference I see is Soriano (11 Million more than Pierre.) Lily pretty much takes the place of Woods 2006 salary, so that's a wash. Marquis' takes the place of Maddux but $2 million cheaper, and Derosa takes the place of Walkers (about 1.75 more per season.)

So please tell me where the Cubs are spending more than the Yankees???

As far as going in the right direction, I swear we've heard this same ole' tune in the past. It's getting to the point where people are going to confuse the Brewers and Cubs because both are saying "there's always next year" so much.
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lets get things straight about turnbow and lee. Turnbow started ****ing up the Brewers season last year on July 1 and continuing the entire month. Carlos Lee was traded on July 27th because the Brewers didn't think they could make the playoffs. Had Turnbow not ****ed things up, the Brewers would've kept Lee and may have had a chance to make the playoffs (heck they only needed 84 wins). Sheets came back on July 25th from the DL and Ohka came back on July 18th. The Brewers had an above average pitching rotation to end the season and with Lee still on the team, playoffs would've been possible. In summary: Turnbow cost the Brewers any chance of hope for the 2006 season.

Now, when Doug Melvin traded Carlos Lee he said the Brewers would have more money to spend in the offseason. Well, how much money have you spent this offseason Doug?

I know I might take my frustration to a different level than some fans, but the last 8 Brewer games I've been to they lost (including the 10-1 trouncing by Detroit this past year)!!! I haven't seen them win at Miller Park in over 2 years!!!

All I want for Christmas is another decent starting pitcher and if it's too much to ask maybe the Brewers first winning season in 15 years.
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Melvin has done no wrong, before you accuse him of being a bad GM maybe we should see how the season goes before throwing him under the bus, huh. I know its what have you done for me lately, but geez, lets wait to see how the season turns out before you bash his offseason moves.
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I was 18 in 1992 to answer your thing. Are they defrauding us? Nope. Melvin has made it clear that the best value is after the free agent blitz and the Winter Meetings. Said it last year too. I trust Doug, but he has made it quite clear these last 2 weeks that he would be very active this week. That has not been the case. Does that mean we are being defrauded? Nope. Do we really have that much money to go after guys like this? Nope. Are teams overpaying? You bet they are. It is nice to see smaller market teams get quality out of the low salaried players. They end up paying for the guy later, but wouldn't you rather have a guy making $400,000/yr that hits 270, 35 bombs and drives in 90 than pay a guy $8 mil a year to hit 250, 38 homers, and drive in 94 runs? It's about getting quality without overpaying. Doug is looking for that one trade to make the difference. Why overspend when you can trade and alleviate salary on your own end?

I would definately rather see a guy get 8 million a year, than see a guy get 400,000 and the owner pocket the other 7,600,000. I think teams need to spend that money, let the players have the money, the players are the ones who bring in the money pay them like it.
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The owner is not pocketing the other $7 mil. He is using it to reward those guys that produce and also uses it to try to bringin more talent to the team, upgrade the farm system, and pay the rest of the team.Paying anyone over $10 mil a year is throwing money away when you're a small market team. Chances are the loyalty won't be there when the time comes for his contract to end. Instead, use that money to reward the guys that have worked their ways through YOUR farm system and produced for YOUR ballclub.
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