i know it doesn't have much to do with 'Highschool' but there isn't really any 'general' football forums where i can put this up, and it is a life saver for over the summer, as I am already bored and have only been out of school for 2 weeks.

If you are ever bored, and love football (i'm guessing you do or else you wouldnt be in this forum) then try this out for size.

just copy and paste that into address bar, it is my referal, don't have to use it, but i would appreciate it if you did.

it is FREE, unless you want to spend money to be able to get more players faster.

basically, all it is, is a sim-based football MMO game thing, where you can create your own guys, put em on teams with other players around the globe, and watch them compete, roll up the stats, and own other players.

and you are not limited to just one player, but you can literally make as many as you want, permitting if you want to spend money or not. even that though is pretty cheap if you have paypal.

also you can Coach teams, or you can even Own a team.

if you are ever confused about the game and want some help, just go to search user, and then Loganrobert85. and i can send you some more information about player building and such.

Just something that i thought was pretty cool, and helps curb my football cravings.

right now every league is in the offseason, to help revamp the sim and replays, and to help human owned teams recruit, so games won't be played for about 5 more days.

however, you can go on everyday and still have stuff to do, like training or getting equipment, or just learning about the game.

UW-LaCrosse... or UW-Milwaukee... that is the question.
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