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Bruce Bowen would have helped greatly on defense, and when open could have hit threes. -.-
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Actually if we had a world cup of football I think that most countries would be pretty scared of us.

There have actually been 3 already, and the next one is next year in Japan. The US will finally be sending a team to the tournament, which is a strictly amateur tournament. From what I have been told its going to be a team of college seniors mostly from 1AA/D2 schools. While a lot of people expect the US team to do good teams over here are more excited to finally play against the americans, since they chose not to compete in the previous 3 WC's.

I know the players here in Finland are not looking so much for wins in Japan, but gaining some respect from the Americans and Canadians. Football is at the same stage basketball was 20 years ago, but is slowly becoming a growing sport over here.
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If usa would have had a pure shooter they would have won.? JJ, Adam Morrison, RIP, Kyle korver, etc.?

Rip, a pure shooter? No. Never.
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omg, please don't say Rip Hamilton is a "pure shooter," that disgraces every single Michael Redd in the league. Rip will come off screens, because he has endurance and can run all game, and will spot up for open 15 foot jumpers which an NBA player SHOULD make. He's a spot up three point shooter at BEST. Never have I ever seen pure shooting potential out of Richard Hamilton. He's also very streaky. He needs to get going during games, he can't just come out and make an immediate impact, which is a huge negative, especially for a olympic team.
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