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Day 2:

This will be quick and short as I'm beat from a busy weekend. I also got to the rink a bit late and was going back and forth between the game and the silent auction, so I really only saw about half of the first game between Mosinee and Kettle Moraine. All I can offer is that Mosinee won 3-1, which included an empty net goal in the closing seconds. Tough showing for KM/M.

As for the 1st place game between Appleton and Middleton:

I didn't catch the end of the game shot totals, but I'd estimate that Appleton outshot Middleton by 15-18 shots on goal. In the first couple periods, Middleton did a good job of blocking shots on net, and a large number of shots from the point never made it to the net because of screens in front. Middleton looked MUCH better today than yesterday, in my opinion. Appleton had a few breakaway chances, but they failed to capitalize, unlike yesterday. This goes back to what I was saying in another thread. They are still a solid team and always in good position, but they are going to have games, or stretches of games where they miss their playmakers from last year and may have a tough time scoring. A dry spell or two is to be expected for even good teams though I suppose.

The difference in the game came down to a soft goal that was let in by the Appleton goalkeeper, while the Middleton goalie (#1, Eric Smith) played outstanding. The Appleton goalie played well, but in my opinion Smith for Middleton played just a bit better and that was the difference today. If I had a tournament MVP award to give, it would have gone to him.

Anyways, I'll leave everyone alone now for a bit, thanks to KM/M for putting on the tourney, and thanks to John Brymer (and others) for donating so many awesome items to the silent auction. I was the lucky high bidder on a few of them. Congratulations to Middleton, and best of luck to them (and the other three teams) on the rest of the year!
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