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It is somewhat like using a stick as a weapon in hockey, I think that is a felony- assult.

Or cheap shotting the guy from behind and driving his head down into the ice causing a serious neck injury?
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I didnt look hard enough at the article but they said on SC that they gave him 5 games w/o pay.
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from profootballtalk.com

[left]Meanwhile, we've found         something in the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy that, in theory, permits the         league to jettison Haynesworth, if it so chooses. In a provision         addressing "Persons Engaged in Violent Activity in the Workplace," the         Policy states that "[c]riminal conduct in the workplace or against other         employees is prohibited," and that "[a]ny Covered Person who commits or         threatens violent acts against co-workers, regardless of whether an arrest         is made or criminal charges are brought, shall be subject to evaluation,         counseling and discipline, including termination from employment."[/font][/left][left]
[/font][/left]         [left]Including termination from         employment.[/font][/left][left]
[/left]         [left]Think about it. If you         stand up right now and go over to the guy who makes that weird sound when he         sips his coffee, throw him to the ground, and jam your shoe repeatedly on         his face until he has a 30-stitch gash, your ass would be fired before they         even start cleaning the blood off of the carpet.[/font][/left][left]
[/font][/left]         [left]So why should Haynesworth get         a pass? Violence is violence. "Losing it" on a football field is         no different than "losing it" in a factory. And if a guy loses it in         that manner, he should lose his job -- just like your or I would.[/font][/left][left]
[/font][/left]         [left]He also should go to jail.         Just like you or I would.[/font][/left][left]
[/font][/left]         [left]To the new Commissioner, we         say that this is a prime opportunity to put your own thumbprint on the         league just as plainly as your signature is on the official game ball.         Don't call Paul Tagliabue and ask him what he would have done. This         atmosphere of tolerance festered on his watch.
[/font][/left]         [left]Instead, you should set your         jaw, clench your teeth, and fire Albert Haynesworth.[/font][/left][left]
[/font][/left]         [left]Will the union make a fuss?         If they do, who cares? If they want to come off as soft on such         serious issues at a time when the league is becoming a spin-off of         America's Most Wanted, let 'em.[/font][/left]
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this was ridiculous and a very juvenille move by Haynesworth. He should be suspended for the rest of the season without pay at the very least.
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mystery train_old
It is somewhat like using a stick as a weapon in hockey, I think that is a felony- assult.

The NFL will make an example out of him.
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