On behalf of the Wisconsin Playground Warriors, I wanted to personally wish the Wisconsin Hoops Network's very own, Mark Miller.....Happy Birthday!! []

Your contributions to the game of basketball in this state over the past 22+ years has not gone unnoticed. We wish you well and continued success with all of your endeavors and look forward to your future insights on players, teams, etc. The Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook has truly become "THE BOOK" that every fan of prep/college basketball in the state of Wisconsin must have every fall. Finally, your event held each winter at the Al McGuire Center on the campus of Marquette University has already grown into a "must see" event filled with two days of great action.

Once again, Happy Birthday Mr. Mark Miller!
the ONLY ADIDAS Youth Sponsored Boy's Basketball Program in Wisconsin ..... We Are What We Are...Real Ballers Period. R U Next?
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Happy Birthday Mr. Miller.
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How old are you now 80?
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I too would like to extend to you Mr. Basketball a very Happy Birthday and may this be a day that the dear Lord's blessings and PEACE shine on you. I have truly enjoyed high school sports (especially basketball) so much more after joing Wishoops and following WBY and this beautiful forum. I know you get a lot of great help and support but I have an idea you are the main man behind all this love of sports and high school basketball.
Last week was a trip, and I am sure this week will be even bigger! God bless you Mark and keep up all the great work you do for all us fans out here.
May our dear Lord's PEACE be with you and yours always and forever.
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Happy birthday Mark Miller.
Always remember the 25th of December(for more then 1 reason)

Winona St. Softball! 34-11
Winona St. Baseball! 32-14
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I'm betting that you hardly have time to celebrate your birthday this week. But regardless of when you get that chance. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mark ! Great job with the season as always.....
At what age do boys turn to young men and stop playing basketball in their boxers....
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Thanks to all. I appreciate having the opportunity to report on basketball in this state. I guess it's appropriate my birthday comes in the midst of March Madness.
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