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cory wrote:

bill may not be the best 3rd baseman in the league, but he's certainly the best bill hall in major league history. granted the other two bill hall's appeared in a combined total of 57 games in 4 years of mlb service, but still congradulations billy on being the best bill hall to ever make it to the major leagues.

They probably only hit.198 which is why they are out of the league....hey, wait a minute.....
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Westfalls wrote:

He needs to know is role and shut his mouth.

are you going to lay the smack down on his candy ass if he doesn't?
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I would just like everyone here to know that in about five years, I will be the best third basemen in the majors.
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MWarrior2008 wrote:

Maybe if he's so good as he claims to be and he's costing us money then let's trade him to the Yankees. Yes that is sarcasm I doubt they would take that slacker.

MWarrior, the scary thing is they almost did take him in a trade this off-season to fill in while A-rod was out. We shoulda dumped him while we could.

and Billy take the chew outta your mouth and wake up.
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I think the dip in his mouth is going straight to his head. Maybe he had a stroke right before that interview. I am so sick of him and how he thinks he is so great. You can tell by looking at him on the field that he thinks he is the best. No Bill you stink and you are third on the depth chart at 3rd ON YOUR OWN TEAM!!
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Bill Hall is either a liar, or a horrible judge of talent.

Boom goes the Dynamite

The plot doesn't thicken....
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He needs to know is role and shut his mouth. What an idiot that makes way too much money and plays like crap. Send him to the minors and stop wasting a roster spot on him.
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I think what he meant to say was, he considers himself the best third baseman in the league that plays with more than half a can of chew in his lip..

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1)Hall considering himself the best 3B is crazy yeah but in no way was he attacking the organization in this article. He hasn't asked them to move him out of MKE nor has Milwaukee discussed it, so nobody is attacking anybody here.

2)Why are we telling him to "shut his mouth" he's not talking bad about anybody

3)He isn't going to the minors, obviously with his big head he would refuse that assignment before the sentence was even finished.

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Maybe he didn't mean the National League. If he meant the Home Talent League or the Rock River League then I think he'd have a good case.
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Alex Rodriguez ,Evan Longoria, David Wright, Miggy Cabrera, Chipper Jones, Aramis Ramirez, Kevin Youkilis (when he plays 3B), Pablo Sandoval (when he plays 3B), Chone Figgins, Ryan Zimmerman, Scott Rolen

... just to name a few.
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