i know everyone in west allis is getting excitied for this one!!!! lets compare the two this season so far.

WAC- central has played one milwaukee team, and one classic 8 team, dominated both and took control. first game against puis they put a licking on them 213 yard rushing and 109 yards passing not to bad also held puis to 110 yards total offense they won 47-6. second game at vincent, i dont know to much about vincent but i know that usually they are one of the better teams in the milwaukee conference but still a milwaukee team. central put up 5 touchdowns in the first half three in the first quarter. the stats 291 yards rushing and 4 yards passing. looking at the stats central just dominated this game. i guess it would be safe to say alrthough central has won these two games really easy, the teams they played were a bunch of jokes but they did put on a licking as they should good job central!!!

WAH-hale has played one classic 8 team and one wisconsin little ten team. first game Arrowhead hale hung with arrowhead in the first half were down 10-3 and was moving the ball well between the 20s but couldnt punch it in. the stats for the game hale rushed for 193 yards and had no passing yards, there defense gave up about 365 yards total considering arrowhead is ranked top 5 not to bad hung with them first half inexperience in these big types of games probaly had something to do with that. sencond game west bend east (a joke almost as bad as vincent and puis) its safe to say hale light west bend east up, they rushed for 502 yards and 69 passing. they lead 14-0 at half and allowed only 142 yards of total offense.

overall it is safe to say we know both of these offenses can score and have great backs. its the defense thats going to win this game. so whoever shows up on defense is going to win. i would say central needs to contain kevin jackson and kenny wilks and hale needs to contain kalu, lee, and ciardo. this game is going to be a test to both coaches and looks like its going to be a packed west allis athletic feild come friday night. now for my prediction well at looking who both teams have played its tough (these two teams might be the most evenly matched in sometime) central really hasnt been tested this year and hale hung in against a top ranked team. i m going to have to go with........WAH in a last sencond touchdown to seal the deal. its going to be a very close game cant wait to see it!!!!!!! i already have goose bumps.


ps i got all my stats from jsonline so if any are wrong its all jsonlines fault.
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hale in the thirties and WAC scores anywhere from 24-31. Hale wins.
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All i can say is come and watch this game in will be a hard hitting fast pased game with the speed of both teams.

The saying Defense wins championships will come true in this game.
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