post them when you get them!! ,
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brillion 64
manty luth 49

soph. andy popp has a huge nite for the lions
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i guess that at halftime at the hilbert/ chilton game....hilbert was up 35-15
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Hilbert beat Chilton 64-45
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i heard SMC was crushing Wrightstown.
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SMC 68 Wrightstown 52
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Noteable Performances:

Andy Popp: 21 points, 12 rebounds
Robert Frozena: 24 points, 6 steals
Stephan Williams: 13 points, 11 rebounds
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ORIGINAL: highfive

Hilbert beat Chilton 64-45

Where are the Karl Morrin apologists now? Everyone in this area knew it was a bad hire, and now it has come to fruition. Chilton has the most talented team in the conference....but already 2 weeks into the season their title hopes have been dashed. Can you fire a coach in midseason or do you have to wait until March?

Chilton has the most talented team in the conference? And I thought I remember some Chilton people on here saying that they were happy Coach Morrin got hired, so that would mean that not everyone in Chilton thought it was a bad move.

Anyways, Valders beat Mishicot last night but I don't remember the score. It was a real close game the whole way through except Valders got a little lead right at the end. IMO, Mishicot could have very easily won that game, in fact, they were winning at one point.
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