Girls Hockey Predictions 2014-2015

Sectional 1:
#1 Hayward Co-op - With an extremely strong sophomore group and the add of Jenna Curtis, this team should be the team to beat in the North
#2 St. Croix Valley - Although not as good as last year, Maddie Rowe should keep the Fusion a top contender this year
#3 Superior - Sadey Laurvick and Emma Peterson will keep this team competitive and watch for them to surprise some teams this year
#4 Hudson - They lost some key players last year but still deep enough to be a decent team
#5 New Richmond - Improved a lot last year and will keep getting better, but don't have enough depth to be a next-level team
#6 WSLFG - With the loss of Jenna Curtis, they don't have enough firepower to be a top team this year
#7 Chippewa Falls/Menomonie - With only one player who can score, they will once again struggle to win games this year
#8 Chequamegon/Phillips - Although i have not heard about chequamegon having a team, the WIAA site says they will, so they will most likely struggle in their 1st year, but are used to playing boys hockey so should be somewhat competitive
#9 Eau Claire Area - Have no depth at all and will be the cellar team this year

Sectional #2:
#1 Central Wisconsin Storm- CWS will be good again this year, but won't be clear cut favorites to win this section anymore
#2 Northland Pines - Should be just as good as last year, if not better and will have a very good chance at a state tournament
#3 Northern Edge - A team with a lot of good, but younger players, they will be a dark horse this year, but a very good Dark Horse
#4 Point-Rapids- P-R won't be as good as last year, but still should hold their own this year
#5 Marshfield - A duo of decent Seniors will keep this team out of the cellars
#6 Tomahawk - The loss of their top goalie will hurt this team dearly, but they still have a couple of players who can help them win a few games this year
#7 Lakeland - Isabelle Johnson is still the lone wolf on this team and isn't enough to keep the Thunderbirds competitive
#8 Medford - The raiders will have a tougher year than last year and will not be expected to win many, if any, games this year

Sectional #3
#1 Onalaska Co-op - Jacyn Reeves will keep this team on top of the section, but they won't be a state power like they have been in the past
#2 Cap City Cougars - Will be a very competitive team with some young talent and will give Onalaska a run for their money
#3 Icebergs - The Icebergs will be a good team this year and will continue to have great goaltending with Kenzie Torpy, watch for them to make noise when playoffs begin
#4 Metro Lynx - The Lynx don't have enough depth to contend for the section 3 title this year, but will still be competitive
#5 Badger Thunder - A good group of seniors will keep this team competitive this year
#6 Rock County Fury - They lost a lot of good seniors last year and will struggle to compete at a high level this year
#7 Black River Falls Co-op - Will be okay this year, have a decent group of upperclassmen who will keep them winning games against weaker opponents
#8 Beaver Dam Co-op - Will once again be an awful team, but will still win a few games
#9 Viroqua Co-op - Will be improved from last year, but will most likely have their 3rd straight winless season

Sectional #4
#1 USM Co-op - With 4 great goal scorers and the loss of almost nobody from last year, the Wildcats should beat any opposition they will encounter this year and will be the team to beat in wisconsin
#2 Bay Area Ice Bears - BAIB should be an extremely good team this year and could have the best chance to defeat USM this year
#3 Appleton United - Appleton has a decent group of seniors this year, but not good enough to dethrone any top teams
#4 Fox Cities Stars - The Stars could be a breakout team this year and have the potential to make a lot of noise
#5 Fondy Co-op - While they should be around .500, the Warbirds will not have the skill to contend with top-notch teams when the playoffs come around
#6 Lakeshore Lightning - In their second year, they should be improved, but still not a top-level team
#7 Brookfield Co-op - The Glacier will struggle to win games this year due to a lack of depth or scoring ability
#8 Waupaca Co-op - The Comets should have a decent team this year but nothing spectacular
#9 Arrowhead - Another tough season is ahead of Arrowhead, and don't look for them to win many games

State Tournament Championship: USM 6 HAYWARD/SPOONER 4
State Tournament 3rd Place Game: CWS 3 ONALASKA 2
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How's that Waupaca being nothing spectacular working out for you now?
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Yes, I would agree that I should have ranked them higher, but i stick with my prediction that they are not a spectacular team and don't pose a real threat to the top teams in their Section. This Waupaca girls team is very similar to the Ashland boys hockey team. A weak schedule and two pretty good players make them look like a top-end team, but when put up against a good team, they are shown to be just another mediocre team (USM 7, WAUP 0).
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Beat Northland Pines 5-3 (who you said has a good chance at State). Beat Northern Edge, Fox Cities, Fond du Lac, Icebergs, Marshfield. Three of the point leaders in the State, and some solid defenders, so its a bit more than "2 good players". You are correct though, USM is in another league. They had 2 key players injured and out when they played GB or they would probably be undefeated
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BA Ice Bears 2-0 v. USM? I think that is correct!
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Yes, Green Bay is 2-0 vs USM, barring something unusual, the top 3 seeds should be

1) Bay Area
2) USM
3) Waupaca

4-9 could still move around
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