I had the opportunity to watch all 4 games in the GB sectional played to date. Here are a few observations:

1.) Valders/Seymour: Give Valders some credit - they played hard but were just over powered. Seymour was just too big, too experienced, and too good for a good Valders team.

2.) Waupun/Berlin: Berlin should have won this game. They played better for the 1st 3 quarters than Waupun. Berlin's big guy ate them up during the first half. Berlin up 13 in 2nd half and Waupun has 4 starters with 4 fouls and Berlin loses? Berlin quit taking the ball to the basket to take advantage of their lead and the foul situation. Rassmusen played very well.

3.) Seymour/Waupun will be a good game. If Waupun plays the first 3 quarters the way they did against Berlin they might as well stay home because it could get ugly. If they come with their "A" game this could be an upset for Waupun. Waupun goes 2 deep with star players - Seymour goes 4 deep with stars. Seymour has more tourney experience and is tougher top to bottom - Prediction: Seymour by 12.

4.) Kimberly/Ashwaubenon. Ashwaubenon never really showed up and looked off their game. Kimberly has been getting better every game.

5.) Bay Port/Manty. That little Zastrow guy kills me! He is obviously a good ball player but he shoots way way way way to much. Borderline ball hog - Let me rephrase that - BALL HOG! Here would be a standard call by a radio announcer "Zastrow with the rebound, dribbles left, dribbles right, Zastrow drives to the basket, Zastrow throws an elbow, ZAstrow shoots and is fouled, Zastrow whines again, Zastrow makes 1 orf 2 free throws." The problem is that it is all about Zastrow. That doesn't work at sectionals where most teams have team play. It actually was funny at times. If ZAstrow would have used his teammates MAnty wins. Bay Port looked very good. They are also getting much better every game.

6.) KImberly/Bay POrt Prediction: Bay Port by 4.

Should be fun to watch.....
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seymour is a strong team no doubt. i was exctied for waupun to play them but seymour didnt impress me. during warm-ups they were lights out from behind the arc and then they came out and didnt shoot good right away. they are very beatable and i'm upset that waupun lost 58-55.
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u r underestimating your team though-- waupun played very well and everytime seymour got some breathing room someone else for waupun would hit a tough shot---not many open looks but hit what they got. Definitley have a talented backcourt with wurtz and rasmussen.
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