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Sean is afraid of peaches. [link=][/link] HAHAHAHAHA!
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I got mottephobia (at least that is what the article calls it). Don't see what's so funny about it. Horribly terrifying is what it is.

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Alando=Amazing wrote:

I have a weird fear of rubber foam padding. I can't touch the stuff or listen to it being rubbed together. Gives me the shivers, it is so random.

I've got the same thing actually.

I'm also a thanatophobe.

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i have a fear of fish gills
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diener34 wrote:

I have arachnophobia. Its terrible. I can't go to bed in my room for like 3 nights if I see a spider in there. One night I was laying in bed watching TV, out of the corner of my eye I see something floating there and I figure its one of those fuzzy things...So my eyes naturally zoom out and its like a 2 inch spider, (Which is Freaking Huge btw) just hanging on a string of web like 3 inches from my face. I couldn't stop shaking for like 30 minutes...just gives me shivers thinking about it.

Lets just say my friends are smart enough to not prank me with spiders....

you do realize you are 10,000 times as big as a spider?

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I have a fear of dead mice, not live ones, mind you, DEAD MICE. If I see a full moustrap, I will not go near nor touch the damned thing. You want to talk about irrational fears, there ya go.
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gng/all his other old aliases probably has this. .. .
Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting[/font]
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I kept a pet spider in college to mess with people like that.

I see urophobia is a fear of urinating, but I have a friend who can't pee if they think anyone can hear them.
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How can you go through life with barophobia? The fear of gravity.
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