I thought someone else would have something by now. But...

First quarter

8:11 Rob Evans completes a 69-yard TD pass to Geoff Stuhr...the point after attempt fails... Franklin 6, Monona Grove 0

Second quarter

no scoring... the field conditions were not conducive to quick moves or sharp cuts... punting was pretty bad for both teams.... Franklin's defense was tough against the run... they kept MGs two 1,000-yard rusher in check... I don't remember a running play gaining more than 7-8 yards... Monona Grove's defense was also tough... Evans did not have one of his better games... I don't know the exact numbers but he had a pretty low completion percentage... I think they will be tough on the field turf at Camp Randall though...

Second half

Third quarter

3:49 Zoerhn completes a 54-yard pass to Fredenberg for a TD... the point after was good... Monona Grove 7, Franklin 6.... Zoerhn lofted the pass and Franklin's DB slipped and fell down as he was trying to make a play on the ball... Fredenberg had an open field to the end zone....

0:39 remaining in the third and another quick strike TD for the Sabers... all the scoring plays in the game were in excess of 50 yards... Evans completes a 59-yard toss to Eric Kossoris who made a nice run after the reception... Kossoris stumbled a bit after hauling it in and broke several tackles... Franklin retakes the lead on the play... this time they go for the 2-pointer and fail... Franklin 12, Monona Grove 7...

Fourth quarter

some big defensive plays for Franklin and key turnovers kill Monona Grove drives... at 11:54 in the fourth, Joey Cook picks off a Tyler Zoerhn pass to kill one drive... and Cook gets ahold of yet another pick with 3:12 remaining...

2:16 following the pick, Franklin inserts backup QB Jared Ciche into the lineup and he completes a middle screen to Stuhr that is well set up... Stuhr catches the ball in stride and scampers 60 yards for the Saber's final score... the point after fails once again... the final score is Franklin 18, Monona Grove 7
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My question is why did Ciche replace Evans????
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The story of this game definitely had to be the Franklin defense. They were impressive in stopping Monona Grove's rushing attack. And the passing defense, while giving up a few big plays (including the TD, where a Franklin DB slipped on the grass and fell), they came up with the big plays when it mattered, including a 4th and goal stop early in the 3rd quarter and the two INTs in the 4th by Cook to seal it for the Sabers. This might have been Evans' worst game of the year, and they still managed to win. Franklin gave up on the run early, and the offense struglled for the most part, minus a few big plays and a good drive at the end of the first half that stalled and resuklted in no points. Same can be said about the Siver Eagles' offense. The running game was held in check and there were a few dropped balls. But in the end it was the team that made more big plays, and today it was Franklin.

The TD by Kossoris late in the 3rd answering the MG touchdown was IMO the turning point of the game. MG was dominating the 3rd quarter up until that, and Franklin's offense looked flat. I can't say enough about that play. It was nothing short of amazing. Kossoris made the catch, turned upfield, cut back inside into a crowd of MG defenders. He was being tackled from behind but somehow managed to keep his footing and regain his balance and it was just a footrace from there. He was ready to run all the way to Camp Randall. Great game. Give credit to Monona Grove for a great season, but it's Franklin's storybook season that continues as they make their first ever trip to the state championship game. Party in Franklin tonight....
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AHHHHHH-ctober baseball! Five down, six to go!!!
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