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47.9% completion percentage? Is that some sort of joke? I don't care if he was a freshman. That's terrible. It sounds like he can make part of it up by running though.
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lol you just love to hate on the badgers no matter what it is.
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I would have to say that this is a great step in seeing the influence that Bielima has on recruits and players. Obvously he had a connection with him an wanted to come here. Its a lot bigger QB recruit then we ever get. Lets see what this guy brings to the table. Looks a lot on tape like a Brooks Bollinger only a better passer. All Brooks did was win. This should be a step in the right direction for the Badgers and stepping stone for next years recruiting class!!

If he pans out to be anything like Brooks Bollinger, I would be very happy.
A Playoff will be much more fair than the BCS.
No matter what happens, Rodgers GREATER THAN Favre.
St. Louis Cardinals = Classless
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