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Pinetar wrote:

and then there was that bauer kid before haass...he's probably in the majors right now doing it REAL big...STUD...that's all I have to say about that

I heard he's travelling from town to town, finding teams to play with, getting paid $.50 a game. Just bein' on the road, playin with the guys.

I heard he's in Omaha now, but he might move back to his hometown, go back to school, become a doctor. . .the rest is history.
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"They might send me back to Omaha, and I don't even live there." - Rube
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hahaha...Omaha is just a popular town...
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Stat Boy wrote:

Roy Hobbs wrote:

Congratulations to Kettle Moraine Lutheran's Taylor Koth for being named 1st team All-State by the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association as an Infielder...


Does anyone recall the last All-State baseball player form the Flyway Conference?

BTW - Taylor was also chosen to play in the WBCA All-Star games in Oshkosh later this month.

"Way to go Kid!"


Mayville's Matt Haass was honorable mention all state in baseball his junior year, which was in 2006. It wasn't first team like Koth, but all-state nonetheless. I'm not sure if any ball player from the Flyway was named all-state or not between him and Koth.

Congrats to Taylor Koth. Hey Roy, what are Koth's plans for next year? Is he playing ball anywhere?

I heard he is headed to Ripon College to play basketball and baseball.
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Stat Boy_old
Roy Hobbs wrote:

Sorry for the late response.... Hickory_Cornhuster has it right. In fact, here's a press release from last month from Coach Gillespie of Ripon College...


We know Semenas is off to UWGB to play hoops. Does anyone else have information where some of our Class of 2009 Flyway kids are going on to school? It's nice to follow them...

Stat Boy- You mentioned Matt Hass... He was a heck of a football player in HS. I do remember his senior year and the run to state... Great football team... Haas is a TE at UWO?


Yes Roy, Matt was sure a phenomenal athlete in HS. An even better guy off the field. Not too many come around like him. And that was quite a memorable run to state in 06, one that I will never forget.

Matt is indeed currently a TE for the UW Oshkosh Titans. I am not sure on any '09 Flyway athletes' future plans, however.
2006 Mayville Cardinal Football - I will never forget.

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