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To Start, Judge my team:

QB: Matthew Stafford
RB: DeMarco Murray
RB: Zac Stacy
WR: Vincent Jackson
WR: Torrey Smith
TE: Jimmy Graham
Flex: Frank Gore
K: Mason Crosby
D: Cincinnati

BE: Tony Romo
BE: Terrence Williams
BE: Reggie Wayne
BE Darren Sproles
BE: Jordan Reed
BE: Zach Miller


Share your own team, dilemmas, etc for help
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Did a draft on Monday with some of my Des Moines friends and got a pretty solid team, if a little risky. 10 team yahoo league. Also had a snake draft, which is an upgrade from last year when the commish forgot to change the settings and I had the last pick every single round.
QB-Colin Kaepernick
RB-Shady McCoy (4th overall)
RB-Reggie Bush
WR-Jordy Nelson
WR-Alshon Jeffery
WR-Michael Floyd
TE-Jordan Cameron
K-Steve Hauschka
DEF-St. Louis Rams
QB-Ryan Tannehill
RB-Ben Tate
RB-Ray Rice
WR-Eric Decker
WR-Jordan Matthews
TE-Zach Ertz
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Was that 8,10,12 team?

We had our draft last night, which would be great to see today if ESPN worked. I was awarded the #1 pick in an 8-team league but when I logged in, the commish never changed the order from the original entering of teams, so I went from the #1 to the #8. ESPN was screwed up for one guy and he couldn't get in so AutoPick screwed him. In the 8 I went:

WR - Calvin Johnson
TE - Graham

Yes I got those two then filled out my roster going:

RB - Morris
WR - Brown
WR - Allen
RB - C Johnson
Bengals D
QB Rothlesberger
and then I took the Packers ST/D because I had to pick one Packer player.

I feel pretty good about my draft. PPR league with statistical categories for return yards and weird defensive points. First time playing in a league with so many areas for points.
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Here's one of my teams. This year it was a 14 team PPR league. This was rather different drafting with that many guys.

QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Reggie Bush
RB- Trent Richardson
WR- Larry Fitzgerald
WR- Julian Edelmen
TE- Dennis Pitta
Flex- Reggie Wayne
BN Jarret Boykin
BN DeAngelo Williams
BN Jaquiz Rodgers
BN Riley Cooper
K Nick Folk
D Baltimore

The talent pool is significantly different with those 4 extra teams picking.
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May be a little tough to read but here is my team in our 1st year of a keeper league. Ton's of roster spots. I feel okay about this team for the future.

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Ten team league....

QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB: Marshawn Lynch
RB: Le'Veon Bell
WR: Randall Cobb
WR: Michael Crabtree
WR: Reggie Wayne
TE: Vernon Davis
K: Nick Novak
D: Carolina

BE: Phillip Rivers
BE: C.J. Spiller
BE: Frank Gore
BE: Darren Sproles
BE: Dwayne Bowe
BE: Riley Cooper
BE: Eric Ebron
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I need Reggie Bush and Larry Fitz to get me 21 points tonight in PPR to get the win. Very possible
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Semi-finals of my $20 entry fee league (10 teams, PPR league). Last 2 years I've taken 4th, and 2nd. I'm up 17.48 pts going into tomorrow nights matchup with the Saints vs Bears. Opponent has Matt Forte left and I have Alshon Jeffrey. Fingers crossed!

P.S. Looks like I'm going to lose in my own league in the semi's thanks to horrible days by A-Rod, Megatron, and Julius Thomas.
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