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Standings after Tuesday night games:

Badger17 4-0
Former WIAC Baseballer 4-0

Ballsinthebag 3-1
benchwarmer50 3-1
Danny Rainbow 3-1
justjon007 3-1
XHawk521 3-1

Chorizo245 2-2
Knowledge is good.
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Wednesday, Nov. 25 >>> at Appleton East's two gyms
4:00 p.m. (freshmen) Appleton East vs. Fox Valley Lutheran, Appleton North vs. Xavier.
5:45 p.m. (varsity) Appleton North vs. Xavier, (junior varsity) Appleton East vs. FVL.
7:30 p.m. (varsity) Appleton East vs. Fox Valley Lutheran, (junior varsity) Appleton North vs. Xavier

I'll be the dude taking stats on the bench for XHS this year.
That's right. I'm a flipping stat boy. Haha.
Jealous? I think so.

High school athletes are so shallow. All they care about is winning. Pro athletes are humane and decent; they help the economy by using their million-dollar paychecks on hookers, beer and drugs. They have their values in place.
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The LC/GB SW was 65-62 **

Also, Waupaca 43 Mosinee 20

Feels like a football score!

Box score shows Mosinee scored 2 points in the 1st, 2nd quarters and only 4 in the 4th.[]
Attitude is Everything
Ripon Tigers D4 Football State Champs '03, '05
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Standings after Wednesday games:

Badger17 5-1
Ballsinthebag 5-1
Danny Rainbow 5-1
Former WIAC Baseballer 5-1
XHawk521 5-1

benchwarmer50 4-2
justjon007 4-2

Chorizo245 3-3
Knowledge is good.
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