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Wisconsin has the 3rd highest graduation rate in the country,but the lowest graduation rate for african-american students.Just think where wisconsin would be if MPS got their act together and made these kids learn and made them want to be in school. For the stats I refered to this site,page 5. [link=][/link] And MPS trailed only Cleveland and Memphis,Tenn for graduation rates.Thats pathetic people get your acts together down there.These stats are also on the site I have Linked.
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Your assessment of "most other districts" is inaccurate in my opinion. Many suburban districts I have personal and professional familiarity with have the same scale as MPS.
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Yes. The standards for eligibility are higher in MPS. They use the word scholarship in the sense of dedication to academics and being a scholar rather than the traditional sense of a promise to fund a certain portion of a student's education.

City-Wide Athletic Rules and Regulations:

[font=arial,helvetica]1. To compete in interscholastic extracurricular activities, athletics, or academics, third and fourth year students must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average in addition to other eligibility requirements. First and second year students must meet only WIAA eligibility requirements of having received no more than one failing grade in the previous mark period.

2. Students below the required academic standard as determined by the previous marking period grades may continue to practice with their teams at the discretion of the coach, until they are re-certified in accordance with the applicable academic standard for the current marking period.
3. A student must meet WIAA and MPS requirements that all participants must be full-time students. In MPS a full-time student is defined as:
a. A student who is scheduled for four (4) periods of class while attending a school with eight (8) periods of class; or
b. A student who is scheduled for three (3) blocks of class while attending a school with a four (4) block system.

You're missing something here, however. Yes, MPS has a 2.0 requirement, while some other districts have a 1.5 requirement. However, this is the standard MPS grade scale:

U--below 60%

So a 70% is a C--a 2.0 GPA.

In most other districts, a 70% is a D-, which ends up being a 0.4 GPA. A 1.5 GPA is C-/D+. While the 2.0 in MPS sounds high, it isn't really so.

It wasn't in my district, we used the standard (and correct) scale.

I wanna know how many other districts actually use such a stupid scale. - Follow me. Because we all need a bit of sports snark in our lives.

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