Anyone following this story?  It's been in the news a bit over the last several months. I have tried to read the stories as I see them but am still very unclear on what is going on.

Did the city of Madison give them permission to erect lights? (building permits)

Does the installation of lights not include a "permit" to use the lights/field at night?

Not sure how it got this far without permission or an agreement in place to use the field/lights during certain days/times.

Religious discrimination seems like a stretch but if the city has allowed other schools or fields to install lights and use them at night, I suppose there is a chance that may fly.
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There's a football field right down the street with a lot bigger lights than what are installed at Edgewood.
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Here is something from the Edgewood perspective.

Of note to me...

If Edgewood is being issued citations for not having every specific activity listed on the master plan but other entities in the city are not held to that standard.

If the permit for lights was approved by the city but now the city refuses to issue the permit yet Madison Memorial was issued a permit for a "near duplicate" plan.

I am no lawyer but it would seem to me that if this is accurate then this lawsuit may have some legs.
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