There is a lot of talk in the rumor hotlines that Florida assistant coach Donnie Jones, a graduate of Pikeville (Ky.) College covets the Marshall job. Also, another hot commodity right now is Winthrop head coach Gregg Marshall.

Jones may not be the only possible departure at Florida. The Gators may have won the national championship last season, but most of that team will be gone by next season and so might head coach Billy Donovan.

There has been a lot of speculation that Donovan would love the Kentucky job if Tubby Smith resigns to take a pro job (i.e. Charlotte) or is bought out due to threats by major financial contributors to the university they will withhold any money until there is a change.

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In my opinion, Billy Donovan is an overrated coach.

He's not that great.
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I would agree with that, he had many teams that would choke and not do as expected in the regular season. He is nowhere near the top 15 coaches in the NCCA. Please Comment, I finally am starting to work on this on a consistant basis. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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It's sad that coaches do this. What kind of dedication does it really show. Coach a team til another job opens up. Not like he would even be taking a step up. All he'd be doing is screwing those players he recruited who came their to be coached by him...

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I remember a thread like this last year as well. I dont think Donovan is an overrated coach at all. He won a national title. Bill Self exits the trny in the 1st round every year that is the guy who is overrated. Donovan is a good coach and will stay at Florida.
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