Since many saw the "Reality Sucks" Thread as depressing, lets post the good things in our world today.
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Feeder leagues in professional sports and semi-pro football. I aplogize everyone I was actually going to have a positive thread too to go along with my one about other realities but indians23 beat me to it. Sorry everybody.
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The Brewers are doing pretty good.

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Erin Andrews and Marissa Miller

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The mayor of Sacramento uses tax payer money to pay people to run errands for him and wash his car, and when this is inspected the inspector general is mysteriously fired by the President because he shows signs of "senility." Oh and did I mention the Sacramento mayor is a huge supporter of said er..... oops wrong thread.
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Anyone remember the "Things You Hate" followed by "Things You Love" threads from last year? It's like someone copy and pasted them here.
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I woke up today.
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It smells nice outside today.
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen came out the UK
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coldfeet09 wrote:

indians23 wrote:

Since many saw the "Reality Sucks" Thread as depressing, lets post the good things in our world today.

Sure learning the reality of things can be a ****, but it also lets you free. Once you understand why things are the way they are, you will be a happy person (in theory).

1: Most people who hate their life are stuck in a rut and refuse to make changes. If you hate your life, make the changes to change that.

2: People rob banks, steal, etc, so they can get money the easy way instead of trying to work hard for the money.

3: Most people don't want to work hard and want everything given to them.

4: People will do what they do. You can work your ass off for a company your whole life and be laid off in a split second with no after thought by the boss. So don't live life like that. Make multiple income streams, don't stay at the same job for 20 years, etc, etc.

5: If you don't want your child to have sex at a young age, teach them. Block the heck out of the porn industry online.

6: Don't develop the same routine for years on end. Don't just get up in the morning, go to work, go home and watch TV and drink beer and do the same thing over and over again for a good two decades. Work a job, take some classes, change career paths, etc, etc. One of the best things a person can do is become succesful in one career, and when they get bored with it, try a new challenge in life. You only live once. Why work the same job your whole life?

7: When you get laid off, it allows for changes. Heck, it almost forces changes in your life. Go back to school, change career paths, move to a new city, move to a new region in the country, etc, etc. You only live once.

8: Work hard and watch out for yourself and you should be fine. Sure you will have some rough moments, but you can get past them.

9: Don't be one of those idiots who gets a house for $700k when you only have a $35k yearly income to go along with that giant SUV that costs $40k. That's just plain stupidity.

Wait a second, you say not to spend money on an expensive house and car, yet you're telling people to quit their jobs and go back to school to add variety to their life?? Doesn't really make sense. Why would you quit a job, especially right now, just for the sake of doing something different. Even during good times it can take 6 months to find a job, and going back to school is a big expense. Do you have a money tree in your backyard??

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