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sorry i had it backwards, politics is mainly economics

"Son, what are you doing sleeping in my daughter's dormroom?"
-"Uhhhhh, i got to go, im late for class."
-"Its Saturday morning."
-"Then im really late for class. Where are my pants?"
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How important is a big-league franchise to a city? Good for its self-image? Good for business? Good for its ability to provide one more high-profile entertainment option in a town already blessed with a world-class symphony and art museum, as well as baseball, opera, ballet and theater?

ummm, I think I speak for most people when I say, who gives a crap about that stuff? The Brewers are essential, but symphony's an art museum, opera, ballet and theatre?


as hard as it is for you to believe, some people don't care about sports. They like these things. Plus the art museum is really cool

What are we left with then? The Brewers, a non-NHL hockey team...are the Wave still around? Oh and UWM...

It's official, Milwaukee is the Salt Lake City of the Midwest.

Except Salt Lake City would still have an NBA team
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"Now... The starting lineup for the opening game of the 2009 Las Vegas SharpShooters..... At Shooting Guard, out of Ohio State University.... Michael Redd!!! At Power Forward from the University of Conneticut... Charlie Villanueva!!! At Center, former NCAA Player of the Year.... America's favorite Aussie from Utah..... Andrew Bogut!!!!........"

It should be an interesting decade....
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o we will get a stadium for the bucks. In fact how about we take the brewer stadium and transform it into a stadium that can host packer and brewer games. Maybe then I would go to a packer game. At least badger games are somewhat close and being that the southern half of the state is the most populated by far...Madison and Milwaukee being only an hour and a half apart and Milwaukee-Waukesha metro area having about 1.7 million people and madison with 500k metro area...then 45 minutes south of milwaukee the racine-Kenosha area having a couple hundred more just makes sense to me.

Yeah beacuse the Packers sure have trouble getting people into the stadium[]
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