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First night - decent concert at best. Seemed short and a lot of new stuff. Not as enjoyable as others I've been to but fun nonetheless.

Second night - much better setlist. Guess they were supposed to play Don't Drink the Water and Watchtower in the Encore but when into Thank You again. Kind of dissappointed in that but oh well.

Overall - great weekend as usual. Fun time and good music. Glad I got to hear The Stone, Dreaming Tree, Pig, and Halloween, and my fave, #41. Could of done without the annoying drunk kid behind me falling into me and screaming stuff irrelevant to the show, but luckily he went away after the first few songs. Umphrey's was awesome too.

Highly dissappointed in those $13 beers. I swear they were $7 last year. Rip off, still bought em though haha.
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Saturday was a very mediocre show, but it was their first in a week so I can't blame them too much. I wish they would've played some older stuff to make up for it though

Sunday was an excellent set. Carter and Jeff were ridiculous, great show. I just don't get why all the fans wanted "Thank You". It was kinda cool last year, but it got old real quick. Please discourage people from chanting it next year.
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The first night was the worst show I've seen. Having two tour debuts being Smooth Rider and Bayou was awful. It was way too short of a show, although the encore was great.

The second night was great. First Proudest Monkey opener in 14 years, the return of You Never Know (which is one of my favorite songs and was insane, especially Jeff tearing up the outro), Pig, the best Two Step I've ever seen and a great encore. I thought Thank You was awesome and I definitely think it's going to become a thing that's special to Alpine now. I have no problem with it being played as long as it doesn't close a set or close a show and Sunday's was a relatively quick version. Chanting it for the whole encore break and then seeing the band just stand backstage and watch us chant it for a few minutes was so cool. Basically we as the crowd decided the encore. We thanked them and they thanked us by giving us Halloween, which is always amazing. The original encore was supposed to be Don't Drink The Water and Billies/Watchtower. It was so funny/pissed me off when he said he wasn't going to play this song but then a kid he met requested it. I thought it was going to be something awesome and really rare but it was Funny The Way It Is. That kid needs to be beaten.

Overall it was a fun weekend. The first night was not so great, still enjoyable, but forgettable. The second night was much better. I would have liked to see a few more rarities, but I can't complain.
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How was Dave for everyone?
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