As some of you may know, Coach Dave MacArthur, the head boy's coach at Colby High School passed away this past weekend. Dave was instrumental to the development of the Wisconsin Playmakers Youth basketball program and will be greatly missed by all of us. Dave was a role model for me til the day he passed away. He went out of his way to help me in many ways both on and off the court.
His enthusiasm, work ethic, knowledge and compassion will live on through this organization that he influenced ever so much. Funeral services will be held on Friday at 11AM at the Colby High School gymnasium. Visitation is Thursday from 4PM-8PM at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Hewitt, and also Friday at 9AM until the time of the service.


The ability to influence is regarded as one of the greatest traits of leadership. You
possessed not only that, but enthusiasm, work ethic, and compassion, which gave you the
ability to push people to their potential. I will never forget the days we spent in the
Colby gyms. There were days I worked so hard that I didn?t think I could take another
shot, and then you pushed me some more. Those times taught me to do the same both on and
off the court.

It was always enjoyable to watch your teams play because they were a direct extension of
your work ethic and passion for the game. The same qualities you demonstrated on the
sideline, your players demonstrated on the floor every time I came to watch. Each game I
wanted to put on a Colby uniform and play just 1 minute for you. There is no doubt that
your teams would have won state titles.

Even though your time in this world was limited, you made an impact on us that takes many
others a lifetime to achieve. I am grateful to have been one of those many lives that
you touched. As I continue this life that you influenced me to lead, I only hope that I
can teach the way you taught me, and influence the way you influenced me.

Mike Lee Basketball Services

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Thanks Mike.

The entire staff extends our heartfelt sympathies to the MacArthur family.
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