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The game was no where close to the score. NEP controlled this game from the start, resting their starters for the entire 4th. At one point there was a running clock.

I guess if a team reads that they cannot win against a "superior" conference they just might want prove the writers wrong.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.
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TheOldRoller wrote:

Well, the Northern Elite (Goodman/Niagara/Pembine) showed up against Marathon.? It was 30-6 at half before finishing something like 44-26.

It's so hard to judge teams coming out of our conference (the Norther Lakes Conference) because of lack of depth and competition.

They have the Amherst/Howard's Grove winner in the next round, and I know too little about those teams to make predictions.

Howards Grove won tonight, the book on them has generally been that they are a really athletic team, fast wideouts, real fast but a little small tailback.

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Westfalls wrote:

The Mississippi Valley is traditionally a weak conference. I know that teams have some good resords and make the playoffs, but look at playof results. Aquinas is good this year and they may very well win state again, however, since entering the WIAA they haven't have any success in the playoffs until last year. Don't been wowed about their conference record. There are a lot of smaller schools that could do what they did. You'll see come playoff time when the MVC does bad. There a basketball school that happens to have some good football players in it right now.

I have Aquinas playinf Fondy Springs in the championship.

Aquinas barely made it out of the 1st round....better not peg them in that game just yet.
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Howards won.

Howards is a flashy team built around speed... Mostly a running team with their main guy Thielke who has back to back 1000 yard rushing seasons. They have enough of a passing offense to keep you off-balance, too, but I would be more worried about their running game than anything.
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