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Lakeland @ Waupaca

Port Washington @ Kewaskum

Reedsburg @ Edgewoood

Wisconsin Lutheran @ Greendale
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Wait, Hunter was out and Lakeland still played extremely well? Yikes.

After covering Lakeland last year, the Thunderbirds were a team I thought could maybe make it to state. I thought, well because of the first Medford game, Lakeland was having a bit of a subpar year. I've also read some really good things about Waupaca. So I'm not sure.

However, Kuchler is for real, and I was trying to talk him up as one of the top RB's in the state before the season. He was easily the best back I saw in all of 2007, and that included Thiel. Kuchler has a perfect high school mix of agility, hitting ability and brute strength. He'll juke a linebacker out of his shoes and then run over the safety (or maybe even vice versa). Last year, Roy progressed like crazy as the QB. Has he been tested yet? Maybe yes, maybe no. What I do know is that he is a fine QB that I am pretty sure most teams would love to have. He's extremely smart, and I remember coach Sharbarth saying that Roy could end up as the best QB in school history (not necessarily stat wise). And there have been some good QB's at Lakeland over the years.

I wish I could be there to watch this game. I remember watching Lakeland lose an officiated nightmare against Menomonie a year ago at Wausau West's field. So playing just down the road at Everest's field should be exciting.

As for board material for Waupaca, you shouldn't need any. Once you get into playoffs (not to mention the deeper you get), you shouldn't need any extra motivation. And if you're seeking it out, it means, to me anyway, that you can't stay focused enough on what is ahead of you. I would suggest studying film so much that you memorize play by play and how everyone moves on the field. Try to analyze how the play calling is called. And lastly, go over your playbook a few extra times.

That's where your focus should be - on the game - not on message boards. If the excitement of potentially moving to a state semifinal game isn't enough for you, then I don't know what to say.

But hey, I'm an ex-player turned sportswriter. What do I know?
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You're right Brew City, I would have to say Billy Kuchler is 1 of the top 5 backs in the state this year. I saw him play last year and if he can get past the line of scrimmage, look out. Lakeland had a really good team last year and it was a shame they didn't play Kimberly in the semi-last year instead of Menominee. I'm starting to wonder how good they are this year, considering they beat Antigo so bad and Antigo beat Stevens Point, even if it was only by one point. Can't wait to see what the score will be. Good luck T-Birds!

PS If you want to check out highlights of Billy Kuchler-check out Preps on the Net. They have a video just on him.
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Lakeland @ Waupaca 2:00 PM at D.C. Everest

Port Washington @ Kewaskum 3:30 PM

Reedsburg @ Edgewoood 4:00 PM at Middleton

Wisconsin Lutheran @ Greendale 4:00
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bay_08 wrote:

we established earlier NL wasent that good this year, and a product of a down year in conference. lakeland will get some yards, probably a close game

Guess not....

Maybe Waupaca was challenged more than people thought in the EVC this season?
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Vince Lombardi_old
Lakeland 20 Waupaca 19
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Yep Waupaca won without Jensen throwing the ball very much nor very effectively today. He threw a high pass that was tipped for an INT on the first drive, missed a wide open Solberg for a touchdown and on two other plays Waupaca had guys running free he never saw.

Kuchler was held to 20 first half yards. He ended up with around 132 for the game but most of that came in their last two drives after they were down by 24...
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Vince Lombardi_old
Congrats to Waupaca. They outplayed Lakeland today. They are a well coached team and they are fast. Good Luck the rest of the way. I think Kuchler ended up with about 150 yds today. I would think he has a good chance to make the All State team with his stats, especially since he rarely comes off the field.
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Vince Lombardi_old
You are right, stats dont tell the whole story. Kuchler had about 1600 rushing yds this year and most of them were after contact and he only carried the ball after half time in 4 games this year. I guess we will have to let the coaches and media decide who's deserving of post season awards, not rocket scientists such as yourself. By the way, out of the 5 teams form the Great Northern Conference that made the playoffs, four won at least one playoff game.

I congratulated Waupaca with the win, a well deserved one. Why cant you accept that instead of downgrading the athletes, I didn't do it to yours.
Waupaca outplayed Lakeland today plain and simple. I hope they win the state championship as they did 2 yrs ago after beating Lakeland in the semi finals. Good Luck Comets
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