Let me start by saying Im not whining about my team being in a tough bracket. I realize that putting these brackets together is difficult and that there are other brakets especially in D3 which are loaded. However, I do question some of the reasoning in the D1 brackets in situations where things could have easily been done differently while still following WIAA rules.

1. I do agree with putting DCE with Chi Hi. Geographically Im not sure any other scenario would have been reasonable with Superior and Hudson.

2. There are two conference champs in the Chi Hi bracket. There are two conference champs in the Milwaukee South bracket. One in the Arrowhead bracket and five in the Homestead bracket if you count Horlick and Park as co-champs.


I would have attempted to balance out the Homestead bracket both in terms of geography and conference winners. To me the logical geographical grouping would be the following:

Homestead v. Man. Lincoln
Riverside v. Hale
Marquette v. Bay View
Hartford v. Oshkosh West

From here I would have tried to balance out the conference champs. Placing Arrowhead in a bracket with no other conference champs while forcing a co-conference champ in Park, albeit a loser in a tie-breaker, to receive no seeding at all is a little ridiculous. There is no reason why the two Racine and Kenosha schools could not have been split up to produce a more equitable result. Using basically the same geographical principles of the WIAA, my brackets would have looked like this:

Arrowhead v. Madison Mem.
Milwaukee South v. Hamilton
Racine Park v. Bradley Tech
Kenosha Tremper v. Mukwonago

Middleton v. Kettle Moraine
Racine Horlick v. Sun Prarie
Kenosha Bradord v. Craig
Madison West v. Waukesha West

Maybe Im nuts or not reading the rules carefully enough but these brackets seem to make a lot more sense. I guess it doesnt matter just food for thought.

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I think it's disgusting that Milwaukee South got the 1 seed. I'm not sure they deserve a seed. Quite honestly, I don't know if they'll get out of round 1. Milwaukee Riverside, Racine Park or even Racine Horlick should be the 1 seed there. I believe South might be the worst team in that regional. Thats my biggest complaint.

I also agree that Homestead's regional is pretty stacked, and I believe even in getting West Allis Hale first round its even a tough draw for them. I believe Homestead will take care of business, but it still shouldn't be this matchup. Park at Riverside is two conference champions against one another, that shouldnt happen in Level 1.
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Obviously the WIAA will never get this right. However, they are fighting a losing battle because school size is not spread out among Wisconsin equally. I think some rules have to be changed in regards to seeding because there is inequality built in.

1) Use the whole seasons record as a determination for seeds if conference winning percentage is the same. Why? Because not all conferences have the same number of teams, and the WIAA sets the conferences. If you look at DCE and Chippewa both undefeated in their conference but Everest had one less conference game then Chippewa, and why did they because the WIAA took two teams out of their conference. How can you use conference wins as a determination for seeding when all conferences don't have the same teams?

2) Regional Brackets. why does this have to be done?? The WIAA says to prevent long traveling for the first round...right, tell that to Bayport, Superior, Hudson, etc. who have 2 plus hour drives for their first round game. If you can send Superior to Everest, you might as well send a Milwaukee School to Chippewa or Green Bay school to Madison... Seed all 32 teams in each division.

3) Why have conferences for football??? Let the WIAA take over scheduling for the state of wisconsin for football only. Previous year D1 and D2 schools can play each other, no D1 can play a D3 unless both schools agree. D3 plays D4 and D5-7 play each other. Make sure certain rivals play every year, alternating home teams. Play 8 games and then every team at 500 or over (4-4 or better) is in the playoffs. Seed each division individually and make sure you have no regular season rematches in the first round. Play only 8 weeks of regular season so that STUDENT-athletes don't have to play Thursday - Tuesday - Saturday (3 games in 10 days is absurd). You would still have the 5 levels of playoffs and 8 regular season games.

No plan is perfect, the goal is to pick the plan that is the least imperfect. At least this isn't the BCS where we rely on the press, coaches and a computer to give us a championship game at each level.
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Can anybody beat Homestead or Arrowhead? Middleton probably has the best chance to beat Homestead from that side of the bracket, not sure if Arrowhead will be tested until they get to Madison
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