New season starts soon and a new team in the mix. Almond seems to have lost a ton to graduation but has a couple key starters back. Wild Rose is always tough no matter who they play.

Manawa comes into the league led by SR RB Ethan Hass and a few key upper classman. The Wolves have a new HC in Brad Johnson but will continue to run the Football first and foremost.

Rosholt had a late HC change so no idea how that affects them, they did seem to have a lot of young kids play last yr.

Watch some Port and Tri county games from last yr and both teams have some nice players and can get after it at times. Marion-Tigerton seems like a team that just finds a way to get in the playoffs each yr so they can never be counted out.

Should be a fun year in the 10.

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Cwc 10 thread back up and running lol btw I'm new to this so bare with me.
For me the standings by the end of the year go.

1. Manawa: Tough to put them here cause they are the new Comer but playing in the cwc 8 is a bit different than the cwc 10 but nevertheless I pick manawa because they do return quite a bit of talent and being from the area I can tell you that manawa will be running some different offenses/defenses this year and some kids will be playing different positions. Super excited to see how they do in a new environment and alot of high expectations.
2. Wild rose: I heard they have should have a solid team this year and almond losing some key players could be enough.
3. Almond: as I said before they lose some key players but they have alot of momentum from the past couple years and I still believe they will be a solid team.
4. Rosholt: this team was pretty young last year but with some more experience I think they will push the other top teams I've mentioned. Should be a pretty good squad.

( No disrespect ) The Next couple teams I honestly don't know much about other than Port Edwards likes to throw the ball alot and Marion/Tigerton isn't the same team they used to be Soni won't rank them. Looking forward to a great season!
I'll stick to doing the top 4 and the rest
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