It really irritates me that people call the cwc-10 a weak conference.
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The reason its looked down upon is due to the fact of facing schools like almond, bowler, gresham, menominee, tri-county, and the likes on a regular basis. At least in the large teams like Shiocton, Pacelli, Iola, and Manawa always seem to compete. Let alone that the bottom of the CWC large is better then the bottom of the small.
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Wouldnt it be better off for the athletes and schools in not only the cwc-10 but also the cwc-8 if it realigned again? to the cwc-small and the cwc-large? Wild Rose athletes would have an opportunity to play against the cwc-8 schools (schools around the same enrollment or larger), its like taking away an opportunity from them to be better off if they are facing not as talented smaller schools.

*enrollment from previous year put into new conferences*

Weyauwega-Freemont (345)
Manawa-Little Wolf (262)
Shiocton (228)
Wild Rose (231, down from 248)
Pacelli (241)
Bonduel (295)
Wittenberg-Birnamwood (434)
Amherst (295)
Iola-Scandinavia (253)

Tri-County (236)
Tigerton (95)
Marian (182)
Port Edwards (155)
Rosholt (212)
Almond-Bancroft (137)
Menominee Indian (294)
Bowler (117)
Gresham Community (83)

Its just not fair to the athletes that can compete on that kind of level. And it is fair to the larger schools such as Menominee and Tri-County that cant compete in a more challenging conference.
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