Well as someone commented on "This gives Bud an excuse for Cuban to not buy the Cubs" and what effects does this have for the Mavericks I am guessing some. The only sports franchise that had this issue was the Niners of 90s with Eddie DeBartlo and Carmen Policy, I believe.

[link=][/link] Please Comment, I finally am starting to work on this on a consistant basis. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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This goes in the top 5 headlines I wouldn't have been surprised to see this decade along with Michael Vick going to prison.
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Cuban will be lucky to not end up in a federal pokie like Martha Stewart did.
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Wow, you are a billionaire, and you do something illegal to save 750,000?

He had to know this was against the rules. I don't get it.
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i don't think he can't go to jail if its a civil suit like the article said
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