Final Conference Standings:
West Salem - 12-0 (21-3)
Arcadia - 8-3 (9-6)
G-E-T - 6-5 (8-14)
Luther - 5-7 (9-11)
Westby - 4-7 (8-12)
BRF - 4-8 (8-12)
Viroqua - 0-9 (2-13-1)

West Salem had a great season with a sweep of the Coulee. For their efforts, they received a 2-seed in Section 1 of Division 2.
Arcadia had a decent season while apparently not playing a lot of games. They got a 4-seed in Section 3 of Division 3.
G-E-T also had a decent season, being above .500 in conference, however, they struggled with their non-conference games. They got the 5-seed in the same section as Arcadia.
For Luther’s size, they didn’t do too bad in the Coulee this season, and they received the 7-seed in Section 3 of Division 4.
Westby didn’t have the greatest season, but they did get the 8-seed and a home game in the same section as Arcadia and G-E-T.
BRF also didn’t have the greatest season, but they did play some tough non-conference opponents. Because of this, they got a 5-seed in the same section as West Salem.
Viroqua has pretty bad this season, finishing with no conference wins. They got a 9-seed in the same section as Arcadia, G-E-T, and Westby.

Thursday, May 16 Scores:
Luther 10, Mel-Min 0 in 6
PdC 5, Viroqua 1
Westby 4, Richland Center 1

Tuesday, May 22 Games:
Luther @ C-FC
Westby @ Dodgeville
G-E-T @ Arcadia
BRF @ Amery
Somerset @ West Salem
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