Current Standings:
Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau: 13-1, 7-0
Arcadia: 12-2, 6-1
Westby: 7-6, 4-2
West Salem: 8-7, 4-4
Luther: 3-9, 3-4
Viroqua: 1-12, 0-6
Black River Falls: 1-13, 0-7

Monday, January 21:
Bangor @ Arcadia - Bangor has gone a pretty good 8-5 so far. The still have a chance to at least share the Scenic Bluffs conference crown if they can beat Necedah (8-0) or if Necedah loses to another team. Although Bangor is a good D5 squad, Arcadia should take this game easily.
BRF @ O-F - The Cloverbelt-West is certainly one of the most chaotic races for girls basketball. O-F is in a three-way tie for second right now after Altoona got the upset over Regis. BRF has had quite the difficult schedule, and this is another difficult game to add to their resume.
C-FC @ G-E-T - C-FC hasn't done too well this season going 6-8, but they do play in one of the tougher smaller-school conferences being the Dairyland. G-E-T is on a 12-game win streak so far with a very hard-fought 9-point win over Prescott most recently. G-E-T shouldn't have any issues taking down this team at home for their third game in a row.
Luther @ Brookwood - Both Brookwood and Luther have had a poor start with only three wins each. Brookwood also plays in Scenic Bluffs, but their chances to come even close to the top are very small. I was able to watch Luther play against G-E-T the other day, and they definitely have some good talent. They are much better than their record, so I think a win here could spark many more wins to end the season on a good note.
Westby @ Royall - Royall is another good team in the Scenic Bluffs that is two games behind first-place Necedah. Their overall record is a very solid 10-3, and their most recent win was a close one over Cashton, who barely beat Westby much earlier this season. Westby has had their ups and downs, which brings them to a 7-6 record. They have had some key away victories including @Arcadia and @Tomah. A win here is definitely possible, but they will need to bring the team that really hasn't been present the past couple weeks.

Tuesday, January 22:
Viroqua @ Cashton - Cashton started out the season very strong but have since dropped a couple close games that they could have won. To say Viroqua hasn't done very well would be an understatement. I did watch them play at G-E-T, and they just don't play well as a team. There are a couple of good individual players, but not enough to make an impact. Cashton should have an easy game.
West Salem @ Central - Aside from Aquinas and Onalaska, the rest of the MVC is wide open. I thought for sure it would be either Tomah or Holmen taking third, but Central has done well in conference recently. These teams do have a couple of similar opponents, and Central has done slightly better than West Salem. I think this will be a very close game.

Thursday, January 24:
Luther @ Lewiston-Altura - Lewiston-Altura (MN) has done pretty okay so far into the season. Their record is only 7-10, but they've played quite a few larger and more talented teams in their non-conference schedule. Luther has also had a tough schedule to start out, but I think L-A has done much better with what they were given. This could be another closer game.

Saturday, January 26: The Coulee Classic at the La Crosse Center
This year's Coulee Classic, held at the La Crosse Center, will feature several games that should be very close. Three out of the four games will also have implications for conference champs and possibly playoffs.
Westby @ Luther (9:00 AM) - Both of these teams have had flashes of greatness, Westby being more often. Westby was able to get an upset win over Arcadia, and Luther beat West Salem in another upset. Luther played pretty well against G-E-T, and if they bring that same team, this game will be closer that many people would expect.
G-E-T @ Arcadia (12:00 PM) - These teams have yet to face each other. Arcadia would be undefeated in conference if it weren't for an upset loss to Westby. G-E-T has remained undefeated in conference, and their only loss on the year is to D4 #2 Mel-Min in a very close match. An Arcadia win would put them in a tie with G-E-T while a G-E-T win would put them two conference wins away from clinching at least a share of the Coulee conference crown.
Viroqua @ BRF (3:30 PM) - Both the Blackhawks of Viroqua and Tigers of BRF have been tied at the bottom of the conference standings since early in the season. Each time has one non-conference win to their name. I've been able to watch both teams play, and in my opinion, BRF definitely seems like the better team overall. This will probably be a close game, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is a higher-scoring game compared to their average ppg.
La Crescent @ West Salem (6:00 PM) - La Crescent hasn't been in the Coulee conference for a few years, but they are always invited to the Coulee Classic because of their history with the earlier stages of the conference. The Lancers have had a tough time this season with a record of 3-12. Although West Salem has had moments where they have struggled, I think this should be an easier win for them.

My Predictions:
Bangor @ Arcadia
C-FC @ G-E-T
Luther @ Brookwood
Westby @ Royall

Viroqua @ Cashton
West Salem @ Central

Luther @ L-A

Westby @ Luther
G-E-T @ Arcadia
Viroqua @ BRF
La Crescent @ West Salem
Woah, it's been awhile

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Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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Monday, January 21 Scores:
Bangor 39, Arcadia 61
BRF 38, O-F 74
C-FC 28, G-E-T 61
Luther 48, Brookwood 25
Westby 58, Royall 34

Tuesday’s games were postponed.
Woah, it's been awhile

Twitter: @mpzflame
Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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Thursday and Saturday Scores:
Luther 54, L-A 55

Westby 41, Luther 37
G-E-T 46, Arcadia 30
Viroqua 25, BRF 45
La Crescent 33, West Salem 46
Woah, it's been awhile

Twitter: @mpzflame
Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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