Final Regular Season Standings:
Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau: 20-2; 11-1
Arcadia: 17-4; 9-3
Westby: 14-8; 8-4
West Salem: 12-9; 7-5
Luther: 9-13; 5-7
Black River Falls: 3-18; 2-10
Viroqua: 1-20; 0-12

Tuesday, February 19 Regional Quarterfinals:
10. BRF @ 7. Altoona - BRF has had a rough year, but they have looked like they improved slowly. Most recently they had a close loss at the buzzer to Sparta and a close win over Viroqua. I don’t think it will be enough to do well against Altoona, but you never know in the playoffs.
11. Mauston @ 6. West Salem - Mauston lost to BRF earlier in the year while West Salem has dominated BRF all season. West Salem has a decent bit of momentum heading into the post season and should get an easy win here.
12. Viroqua @ 5. Elk Mound - Viroqua ended the season with a 20-game losing streak. Elk Mound played a very difficult conference schedule including both Colfax and Durand, two top D4 teams. Elk Mound has struggled towards the end of the season, but they are much better than this Viroqua team.
10. Brookwood @ 7. Luther - Luther has had an up and down season. Brookwood hasn’t done too well, so Luther, who has played teams ranging from D2 to D5, should win in a closer one. 

Friday, February 22 Regional Semifinals:
5. Elk Mound/12. Viroqua @ 4. Westby - Elk Mound should beat Viroqua which sets up Elk Mound @ Westby. I expect this to be a very close game. Both of these teams are sitting around that 3rd spot in their respective conferences, so it will be interesting if Elk Mound, who plays mostly D4 teams, can compete with D3 teams in the Coulee.
6. West Salem/11. Mauston @ 3. Arcadia - West Salem should win in a blowout and travel to Arcadia for this game. Arcadia beat West Salem twice this season and lost to Westby twice while West Salem did the opposite and also had an upset loss to Luther much earlier. This might just be the biggest game in these Regional games.
7. Altoona/10. BRF @ 2. Stratford - Altoona should beat BRF, which means that this match-up won’t feature any Coulee teams. I expect Stratford to win by a large margin despite playing with mostly D4 and D5 teams in conference.
8. Nekoosa/9. A-F @ 1. G-E-T - I think Nekoosa will beat A-F again, but it could go either way. These teams seem to be between the talent level of BRF and Luther, which G-E-T has beat several times. It should be an easy game for the Red Hawks.
7. Luther/10. Brookwood @ 2. Mineral Point - Unfortunately, I think this is where Luther’s season ends. Mineral Point is a very talented team, and they have played a pretty decent schedule. This game could be close, but I doubt Luther can knock off Mineral Point.

Saturday, February 23 Regional Finals:
3. Arcadia/6. West Salem/11. Mauston @ 2. Stratford/7. Altoona/10. BRF - I think we will see Arcadia traveling to Stratford for the regional final. Stratford is a good team that has played mostly D4 and D5 teams. Arcadia has had moments of great success and heartbreaking losses, and I think this will be another one of success.
4. Westby/5. Elk Mound/12. Viroqua @ 1. G-E-T/8. Nekoosa/9. A-F - I think Elk Mound can beat Westby in a close game. Traveling to G-E-T will be tough for them, but they have a chance if G-E-T happens to get into foul trouble like they did losing to Arcadia.
3. Darlington/6 WI Heights @ 2. Mineral Point/7. Luther/10. Brookwood - This isn’t a match-up I care about too much as I don’t think Luther will be in this one. I think no matter if it is Darlington or the Heights, I think Mineral Point wins easily.

My Predictions:
10. BRF @ 7. Altoona
11. Mauston @ 6. West Salem
12. Viroqua @ 5. Elk Mound
10. Brookwood @ 7. Luther

5. Elk Mound @ 4. Westby
6. West Salem @ 3. Arcadia
(7. Altoona @ 2. Stratford)
7. Luther @ 2. Mineral Point

3. Arcadia @ 2. Stratford
5. Elk Mound @ 1. G-E-T
(3. Darlington @ 2. Mineral Point)

Possible Interesting Match-ups to Watch:
5. Elk Mound @ 4. Westby - These teams seem to be very evenly matched, which makes sense for a 4 vs 5. This one is wide open.
6. West Salem @ 3. Arcadia - It is hard to beat a team three times in a season. West Salem is very good for a 6 seed and has a good chance at making a deep run. Arcadia has bounced back after a couple of games they could have easily won and look to also make a deep run.
3. Arcadia @ 2. Stratford - I’m still not sure how good Stratford will be. They play a lot of smaller schools, but in girls basketball the difference between divisions isn’t near what it is in boys basketball. This could also go either way.
4. Westby @ 1. G-E-T - Even though I have Elk Mound beating them, if Westby does get a win, they could have a good chance at potentially upsetting G-E-T in the regional final if they play like they did in the first half a couple weeks ago at G-E-T but for the entire game. I’m not sure if Elk Mound will be familiar enough with G-E-T to take them down, however.
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Regional Quarterfinal Results:
(A-F 44, Nekoosa 33) - A-F just lost by 20+ last week to this team, but they brought it back this time after getting swept by them in the regular season. They face the tall task of traveling to G-E-T on Friday.
BRF 30, Altoona 53 - BRF’s season comes to an end with a 3-19 record. Altoona travels to Stratford on Friday.
Mauston 20, West Salem 70 - All but one player on West Salem’s roster had at least one point in the box score by the end of the game. An easy but solid win for the 6th seeded West Salem as they travel to Arcadia on Friday.
Viroqua 21, Elk Mound 61 - Just like West Salem, this was an easy yet good win to build momentum as they travel to Westby. Viroqua’s season ends with just a single win.

Brookwood 41, Luther 52 - A good win for Luther. They travel to Mineral Point for a chance at the upset.
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Regional Semifinal Results:
A-F 16, G-E-T 56 - G-E-T played very well and dominated the paint on both ends. I'm going to try not to rant too much, but A-F's offense really bothered me. I know it is hard to find good talent in girls basketball, but I don't understand how the coach of A-F can sit and watch this game and say, "This is some great shot selection, I'm proud of how they played on offense." There were almost no smart shots for the green devils. I get you have to take what the defense gives you, but the shots A-F took were just not smart at all. They have good talent, but the shot IQ just isn't there. G-E-T will host their regional final game on Monday due to the incoming weather.
(Altoona 42, Stratford 55) - Stratford is still a big ? for me. They have played mostly D4 and D5 teams, but they are some of the better teams in their divisions. Looking at common opponents with the Coulee teams, which there are not many, I don't think they are as good as a G-E-T or Arcadia. There next game will be huge in terms of whether or not they can actually compete with great D3. They host their regional final on Monday as well.
West Salem 31, Arcadia 58 - I thought this one was going to be a lot closer. Had West Salem limited their turnovers, with which they have struggled all season, it could have been a game. Instead, Arcadia got a monster win, which will give them a lot of momentum into the regional final where they travel to Stratford on Monday. West Salem's season ends with a 13-10 record and 7-5 in conference.
Elk Mound 58, Westby 49 - Westby gets upset in their first playoff appearance after finishing a surprising 3rd in conference. They end the year with a 14-9 record and 8-4 in conference. Elk Mound will travel to G-E-T on Monday.

Luther 44, Mineral Point 65 - Mineral Point got a nice win over Luther, who ends their season 10-14 and 5-7. Mineral Point hosts Darlington, likely on Monday.
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Regional Finals Results:
5. Elk Mound 56, 1. G-E-T 60 - There were many lead changes throughout the game. Wasn’t a big fan of the officiating in this game against G-E-T, but I’m a biased fan so of course I think that.
3. Arcadia 45, 2. Stratford 29 - Arcadia held just a 2 point lead at the half before taking over the second half. Arcadia will play G-E-T for the third time this season at Black River Falls.
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Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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