This season has been the worst in recent years in terms of weather cancelations. Every week there have been snow storms or severe cold that have canceled games, and this week there will be more snow on Tuesday and Thursday. There is still one more week after this for make-up games, so let’s hope there isn’t any bad weather next week.

Current Standings:
Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau: 10-8, 8-3
West Salem: 9-10 (7-3)
Westby: 11-5 (7-3)
Luther: 9-8 (6-3)
Viroqua: 5-11 (3-5)
Black River Falls: 4-13 (2-8)
Arcadia: 2-13 (0-8)

Monday, February 11:
Arcadia @ Eleva-Strum - Eleva-Strum hasn’t done too well this season with only five wins, but Arcadia only has two wins. Both teams have beaten Whitehall; Eleva-Strum won by 10 and Arcadia by just 1. This is a pretty even match-up, so this could go either way.
Lewiston-Altura @ Luther - Lewiston-Altura has done okay this season with a 8-13 record. Luther has had its ups and downs, so I don’t know what to expect game to game. This is definitely a winnable one for the Knights, but it depends on which team shows up.
Rush-Pete @ G-E-T - Rushford-Peterson has had a very nice year going 16-5. Two of their losses come to La Crescent by double figures each showing. G-E-T has struggled with non-conference games, but with their recent momentum after beating West Salem, this should be a great game. Originally it was scheduled for Tuesday, but with the current forecast, it was pulled to Monday.
Sparta @ BRF - Sparta hasn’t done as well as they would have hoped against MVC opponents, but against other Coulee teams, they have played well. This will probably continue as BRF hasn’t had a great season.
Westby @ Brookwood - Brookwood is 5-11 right now and hasn’t done well so far. Westby is pushing to possibly take at least a share of the Coulee conference championship, but for now they focus on Brookwood, who they should beat easily.

Tuesday, February 12:
I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of these games are postponed/moved to Monday, Friday, or Saturday because of weather.
Bangor @ BRF - Bangor has had a solid year after losing a talented senior class and are ranked in D5. BRF has also lost a lot of seniors, but they are no where near the level of Bangor. This could be close depending on how they play or if players are still injured/suspended.
De Soto @ Viroqua - De Soto hasn’t done too bad at all with a 12-4 record. Viroqua has a very outside chance at sharing the conference championship, but with a win here, they could have momentum to knock down some of the teams they need to play yet. More teams need to lose, but the chance is still there.

Thurday, February 14:
Arcadia @ BRF - These two teams are at the bottom of the standings and are looking for a boost. As long as BRF comes out strong, they should cruise to a win.
G-E-T @ Neillsville - Neillsville is a pretty good team, especially offensively, and they have gone 13-4 so far. Their most recent win was a double OT thriller to Colby, who they should have beaten much more easily. G-E-T has struggled against most non-conference opponents, but this is a winnable game for them if they come out hot from 3 and play aggressive defense like they did in the second half against West Salem.
Luther @ Viroqua - This is another interesting conference match-up to look out for. Luther likely needs to win out to tie for conference champions, and this is one that could get away from them if they look too far ahead.
West Salem @ Westby - This game is huge in both conference standings and playoff seeding. Westby has a lot of momentum right now after losing to Luther in the Coulee Classic a couple of weeks ago. If they win out, there is a chance that they could steal the four seed, which looks like it could go to G-E-T otherwise. A win for West Salem will likely help them finish with a tie for conference champs.

Friday, February 15:
Arcadia @ Viroqua - This is one of the more possible upsets I could see happening. Arcadia is desperate for at least one conference win while Viroqua needs to win out and count on other teams losing for the slight chance at a share of the conference. Viroqua hasn’t been bad at home this season, so Arcadia will probably struggle some more.

Saturday, February 16:
Luther @ Tomah - This is a nice rematch of a game Luther won by 5 in their season opener. Tomah hasn’t had the best season going 6-11, but they recently got a huge 67-49 win over Logan, who beat Luther by 3 in OT. Both teams have improved since their first meeting, so this will be a fun game to watch.
Royall @ Westby - Royall is 7-9 right now and are in the middle of the Scenic Bluffs conference. Westby is a much better team and have a serious chance at sharing or taking the Coulee conference this season. They can’t overlook this team or they might struggle instead of getting an easy win.

I forgot about finishing this yesterday, so the Monday games are all finished.
Monday Scores:
Arcadia 64, Eleva-Strum 59 - A good and much needed win for the Raiders
Lewis-Altura 90, Luther 76 - Luther is starting to lose its swagger, and with potential conference championships on the line, it is the wrong time. According to the box score, Both Emery Byus and Bennett Loersch had 20+ points, but it still wasn’t enough to stay in the game.
Rush-Pete 59, G-E-T 64 - Rush-Pete was down 19-29 at the half, but they battled their way back and managed to grab a 1-point lead at one point. Saywer Schmidt had a rough night, but he hit when the Red Hawks needed him to including two clutch free throws at the end to seal it. Refs let both teams get away with a ton of contact, which made it a fun game to watch. Both sides were complaining, but they were consistent.
Sparta 73, BRF 57
Westby @ Brookwood - No Score

My Predictions:
Bangor @ BRF
De Soto @ Viroqua

Arcadia @ BRF
G-E-T @ Neillsville
Luther @ Viroqua
West Salem @ Westby

Arcadia @ Viroqua

Luther @ Tomah
Royall @ Westby

Games of the Week:
G-E-T @ Neillsville, West Salem @ Westby, Luther @ Tomah - Two of these three games are only non-conference games, but they still carry importance to the teams playing. All six of these teams are very talented, and I think each of these games will be close and come down to the wire. West Salem @ Westby might be the biggest and most important game because of not only conference standings, but playoff seeding, which is this Sunday. Westby, G-E-T, and West Salem will likely fight for the 4 seed assuming Stratford is 1, Wisconsin Dells is 2, and Mauston is 3. Westby has the better chance at potentially stealing the 3 seed because their overall record is better than both West Salem and G-E-T, but I don’t think other teams in the South Central will like having a Coulee team that high. Luther will play in D4, and if they argue well, they can get a pretty high seed as they play D3 conference games and mostly D2 non-conference. 
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De Soto @ Viroqua was rescheduled for Wednesday
Wednesday Scores:
De Soto 37, Viroqua 35 - It looks like it was a rough game for both teams. I expected De Soto to win by much more, but give Viroqua credit for keeping it close.
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Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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Thursday and Friday Scores:
Arcadia 58, BRF 45 - A good win for Arcadia, who had yet to win a conference game. This could potentially switch up some playoff seeding, but with BRF having 2 conference wins, it might not.
G-E-T 61, Neillsville 62 - It was a close game though and through. G-E-T held the lead for most of the game, but Neillsville was able to take the lead late in the second half.
Luther 68, Viroqua 63
West Salem 44, Westby 63 - This was a HUGE game in terms of both conference championships and playoff seeding. The seeding meeting is this Sunday, and because Westby beat both G-E-T and West Salem, they will likely get the 4 seed with G-E-T at 5 and West Salem at 6.

Arcadia 25, Viroqua 40 - Back-to-back road games are difficult for any team, and Arcadia wasn’t able to get their offense going after a good with over BRF.
Bangor 63, BRF 58 - BRF did a great job bouncing back from an ugly loss to Arcadia. Bangor is a very hard team to play, and losing by 5 is not bad at all considering that G-E-T, West Salem, and Westby all lost close games to Bangor.
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Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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Saturday Scores:
Luther 62, Tomah 57 - This is a very good sign for Luther. I thought they were starting to trend downward, but this is a very good win for the Knights.
Royall 56, Westby 66 - Westby has been on a very nice win streak right before the playoffs. Although this isn’t their best game, a win is still a win.
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Twitter: @mpzflame
Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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