The playoffs are in a couple of short weeks, so the final push for the post season begins. The race for the Coulee crown is far from over, and there are four teams that look to make the case for conference champions.

Current Standings:
Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau: 8-7, 6-2
Luther: 8-6, 5-2
West Salem: 7-9, 5-2
Westby: 7-5, 3-3
Viroqua: 5-8, 3-3
Black River Falls: 4-9, 2-5
Arcadia: 2-12, 0-7

Tuesday, January 29:
Luther @ Bangor - Luther struggled for a while after having a 3-0 start, but they brought it back and are 8-6 after a tough schedule. Bangor has only one loss to B-T, who came back after a halftime deficit. Bangor has had several close wins including G-E-T, West Salem, Westby, Mel-Min, and Royall. I think this will be another tight game for Bangor.
Sparta @ BRF - Sparta's offense can be very high power when they want it to be. So can BRF's, but with Elliot Bird being hurt, this team is struggling. If Bird is still hurt, Sparta should cruise over this team.
Viroqua @ Richland Center - Because of weather, RC hasn't played a game since Jan. 10. They are doing okay with a 6-7 record. Viroqua isn't that bad of a team, and they are certainly better than 5-8 record. They also have quite a bit of momentum to which RC probably has none. This could be a close game.
Westby @ Mauston - Mauston was in and out of the rankings early in the season, but since they have dropped a total of four games. Westby is a solid team, but I'm not sure their schedule has been quite as difficult as Mauston's. This still could and should be a close game.

Thursday, January 31:
BRF @ Mauston - This game really depends on when Bird comes back. If he is still hurt, Mauston should walk over this team. If he is back to 100%, this has the potential to be a close game.
Viroqua @ G-E-T - Viroqua got the upset win over G-E-T in their last meeting, but now the location is changed. G-E-T has a two game win streak after two rough losses to Luther and Prescott. I think the first half will be close, but G-E-T is a second half team. This could be an exciting game.
West Salem @ Luther - West Salem won over Luther in the last match-up, but the home court has changed. Luther has shown that they can be the best team in the conference with a win over G-E-T and a comeback game over Westby were they scored 47 points in the second half. I think this will be a close game through and through.
Westby @ Arcadia - I expect this to be a very easy game for Westby. Arcadia had its moments against G-E-T, keeping a close first half, but they weren't able to contain them at all in the second half. There is always a chance for the upset, but I don't see it happening here.

Friday, February 1:
BRF @ Westby - As stated above, BRF has a chance if Bird comes back. If not, Westby will have another easy game.
Viroqua @ Mauston - Viroqua is a little better than their record, and Mauston has overrated to start the season. This game could be closer than expected, but I think Mauston will come away with a win.

Saturday, February 2:
La Crescent @ Luther - La Crescent has gone 11-6 off of a tough schedule. According to, La Crescent recently lost to winless Fillmore Central, but the box score shows a different result, so they are probably 12-5. Luther has also had a tough schedule, and depending on how they do against West Salem, this game is a game to look out for.

My Predictions:
Luther @ Bangor
Sparta @ BRF
Viroqua @ Richland Center
Westby @ Mauston

BRF @ Mauston
Viroqua @ G-E-T
West Salem @ Luther
Westby @ Arcadia

BRF @ Westby
Viroqua @ Mauston

La Crescent @ Luther

Games of the Week:
Luther @ Bangor, West Salem @ Luther, and La Crescent @ Luther. All three of these games involve Luther, but I really think this three-game stretch can decide the conference championship. If they lose to Bangor, I think they will lose the other two games. If they beat Bangor, I think they use that momentum to beat West Salem and hold a tie for first. This should be a fun week for the Luther Knights.
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Also a couple of canceled and postponed games.
All Scores:
BRF 42, Mauston 80
Viroqua 38, G-E-T 63
West Salem 78, Luther 63 - Poor shot selection and inefficiency in the second half took Luther out of what would have been a much closer game. First home loss for Luther this season

BRF 62, Westby 73 - Bird returned for BRF and had a great game as they look to play catch-up before the playoffs.
Viroqua 45, Mauston 62 - Mauston has been a little off recently, but they still have a chance for the 2-seed.

La Crescent 78, Luther 51 - Solid win for La Crescent who is pretty underrated in Minnesota.
Woah, it's been awhile

Twitter: @mpzflame
Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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