TL; DR - I have no idea what next season will bring. I'm not even going to attempt to predict a conference winner. Pick any of the 7 and you will probably be wrong🙃🙄.

Similarly to the girls review, I wanted to wait until all-conference teams were released, but it hasn't come out yet. According to WI Dynasty on Twitter, Emery Byus is a 1st team all-conference member, but that is the only player I've heard of. Here is what I think is most likely:
1st Team: Bennett Loersch will likely be POY, averaging a double-double on the season. Other great candidates are Malachi Athnos and Emery Byus. Rounding out the 1st team selection I think will be Trenton Foreman and Ryan Daines. Elliot Bird (6'2" Jr) would also be a good pick, but because he was suspended for a couple games for the season, I'm not sure he will even be an HM. The reason I say this is because last season, David Kvistad served a two-game suspension early in the year. He had been a 2nd-team member the season prior, but last season he wasn't even an HM despite being an amazing defender and decent scorer.
2nd Team: Here is where it gets difficult as there are just too many great players. I really enjoyed watching Griffin Grass play in the couple games I watched Westby, and I expect him to finish as a 2nd-team member. I think G-E-T's Saywer Schmidt (6'2" So) and Ben Thompson finish here, too. Josh Hauser (6'4" Jr) of West Salem, Andrew Wedwick of Viroqua, and Joey McNamara (6'5" Jr) of Luther will likely complete the 2nd-team. A couple of major snubs include Jake Jumbeck and Alex Pearson of G-E-T, Mitchell Dunham of West Salem, Nate Becker of BRF, Michael Schweisthal (6'2" Jr) of Arcadia, and Alex Gluch of Westby, and all of them could very well finish with that 2nd-team.

Final Standings [Last Season in Brackets]:
Gale-Ettrick-Tremp: 14-11 (9-3) [18-7 (10-2)] - Co-Conference Champions, Regional Runners-up
Luther: 14-10 (9-3) [14-11 (7-5)] - Co-Conference Champions
West Salem: 11-13 (8-4) [10-14 (5-7)]
Westby: 15-7 (8-4) [3-20 (1-11)]
Viroqua: 8-15 (5-7) [3-19 (2-10)]
Black River Falls: 5-18 (2-10) [18-6 (11-1)]
Arcadia: 4-17 (1-11) [14-9 (6-6)]

It was a bit of a down year for the Coulee. Compared to previous seasons, these teams were some of the most competitive in conference but non-competitive outside of the conference. Hopefully next year will feature some further playoff runs than losing before sectionals, but I'm not sure it will be like that.

2019-2020 Early Preview
... Kind of

Similar to this season, I'm not too sure what next season holds. This was one of the more lack-luster years, and I think next season will be the same.
Gonna be honest, I don't know what replacements we will see from each team. It seems boys basketball has a lot of unknowns when it comes to new starters and leadership. I would expect BRF to do much better than this season, being in the top couple teams. Luther and G-E-T shouldn't be too bad again. Arcadia and Viroqua each return some good players. West Salem is a big question mark. They do return a couple players, but with their top two scorers missing, I'm not sure they will be competitive.

The Coulee crown is wide open again, and I have no idea who it will be. It's good not to bet against G-E-T, but losing three starters is never good.
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2018-2019 Coulee All-Conference
1st Team:
Bennett Loersch, Sr, Luther - POY
Ryan Daines, Sr, Westby
Emery Byus, Sr, Luther
Malachi Athnos, Sr, West Salem
Sawyer Schmidt, So, G-E-T

2nd Team:
Jake Jumbeck, Sr, G-E-T
Trenton Foreman, Sr, West Salem
Griffin Grass, Sr, Westby
Nate Becker, Sr, BRF
Joey McNamara, Jr, Luther

Honorable Mention:
Ben Thompson, Sr, G-E-T
Alex Pearson, Sr, G-E-T
Andrew Wedwick, Sr, Viroqua
Josh Hauser, Jr, West Salem
Alex Gluch, Sr, Westby
Trace Bjorge, Sr, Arcadia
Isaiah Loersch, So, Luther
Michael Schweisthal, Jr, Arcadia

Arcadia is graduating one Honorable Mention (Bjorge) and returns one Honorable Mention (Schweisthal).
Black River Falls is graduating one 2nd Team selection (Becker).
Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau graduates one 2nd Team selection (Jumbeck) and two Honorable Mentions (Thompson and Pearson) while returning one 1st Team selection (Schmidt).
Luther is graduating two 1st Team selections (Loersch (POY) and Byus). They are returning one 2nd Team selection (McNamara) and one Honorable Mention (Loersch).
Viroqua graduates one Honorable Mention (Wedwick).
West Salem is graduating one 1st Team selection (Athnos) and one 2nd Team selection (Foreman) while returning one Honorable Mention (Hauser).
Westby graduates one 1st Team selection (Daines), one 2nd Team selection (Grass), and one Honorable Mention (Gluch).
Woah, it's been awhile

Twitter: @mpzflame
Occasional scores for G-E-T Red Hawks football, girls and boys basketball #birdgang
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