Final Standings:
Viroqua - 10-2 (19-4)
Westby - 9-3 (12-8)
G-E-T - 7-5 (8-10)
West Salem - 6-6 (10-12)
Arcadia - 5-7 (6-10)
BRF - 3-9 (3-16)
Luther - 2-10 (4-12)

If Viroqua has been consistently good at any sport, it would be baseball. For yet another season, the Blackhawks are the top dogs in the Coulee. They earned a 1-seed in Section 3 of Division 3.
Westby has had a solid year for sports, and that continues with baseball. They got the 3-seed in the same section as Viroqua.
This year wasn’t as good as last season for G-E-T, but they still had a decent year. They managed to get a 5-seed in Section 1 of Division 2.
West Salem, for some odd reason, obtained the 3-seed in the same section as G-E-T despite having a lower conference record than G-E-T. They also passed Onalaska, which makes no sense. They did just beat G-E-T by 1 run last night, but it is still odd how they pass Onalaska as well. IMO should be 3. Ona, 4. G-E-T, 5. West Salem.
Arcadia finished just below .500, but they still received a 5-seed in the same section as Viroqua and Westby.
BRF didn’t have a great season, but they did manage to take a game from West Salem recently (another reason West Salem doesn’t deserve the 3-seed...). They earned the 7-seed in the same section as G-E-T and West Salem.
Luther finished last in the Coulee with a less-than-stellar season. Because of their lower enrollment, however, they earned the 6-seed in the same section and Arcadia, Westby, and Viroqua.

May 23 Games:
Luther at Westby
Arcadia at C-FC
BRF at Tomah
G-E-T at Onalaska
Lax Logan at West Salem

Westby over Luther
C-FC over Arcadia
Tomah over BRF
Onalaska over G-E-T
Logan over West Salem
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