Great performance. Way to break through. Based on programs and past results, I thought that Wisco was the class of D3. Sounds like you really took it to them. Good luck against Waupaca.
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i was at the reedsburg game and all i can say is that i think reedsburg could have scored as many as they wanted against wisco, a perrenial powerhouse in the state, the only thing that seemed to slow reedsburg down was when they seemed to be slowing down to waste more clock because they were scoring to fast. But ever since they changed their D this year they have been doing a good job on D (not great but when you have an offense like that they are doing way more then they need) and boy can their D force turnovers 5 against wisco and they have been doing it all year.

Interesting fact the BN has sent a representative to state the past 2 years and it hasnt been the conference champ either year. odd i would say but at the same time a testimony to how strong this conference really is.

But this guys have been working hard and are super talented . . . i want to say good luck now and i want you to know that i will be in madison supporting you guys

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Being part of the 2008 Viking football team and this game being a hard pill to swallow, I give credit where credit is due. Reedsburg came into the game ready and blew us all away. Wisco fan's can talk about the six turnovers all they want...I don't care what they say. The fan's do not know anything. Reedsburg was flying high, along with being on a roll. Hard to believe they have three losses. Though I guess it is true what they say it does not matter the losses or how you played during the regular season, just how you play when you get their. I just know the Wisco player's were expecting a much different game, espcially from Reedsburg defense. Just looking at the game's and how inconsistent they've been. We thought we could take advantage. Major, major props to Reedsburg defense.

Congrat's to the 2008 Reedsburg Football team, now do not screw this up...and take state. (Hopefully when the 2009 season comes around maybe we can face each other again. That would be another great game.)
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i was totally shocked when i heard about the large margin of victory that Reedsburg had against Wis Lutheran. and good luck, reppin the badger conference well.
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