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Just a reminder, prep as well as everybody else has 2 weeks left yet. I wouldn't truthfully consider anybody with a win to either be in or out of the playoffs.

What's with everyone posting "Best of Luck," or "Hope you guy make the playoffs too?" I know you guys are trying to be the nice guys and not piss anyone off, but some on....
Are you kidding me? When I played I wanted every other team in the conference to lose. For me, I especially wanted Lakeside to lose because they were our biggest rivals. I wanted them to lost 56-0 every single game. I had a lot of friends on that team, but when it came down to the football aspect I could not cheer for a rival... EVER.

It had nothing to do with the people that played on the team (I had friends on numerous teams around the Capitol), but because they were conference rivals. You can't tell me that if you lose to a team that knocks you out of the playoffs by one game, that you'd cheer for them in the playoffs. I just don't buy that. Maybe it's just me, but none of that makes sense to me.
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I dont get the problem either like you said yourself you had friends on the team and believe me the last thing i want to do is loose to Lakeside in anything but after the game I dont hate them so I dont mind seeing them do well I think he said it very well GOOD LUCK!
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Awwww this is really cute, I'm so glad we're just all such good friends I love you guys []
Well on a more serious note Lakeside I heard beat Poynette 14-7 if someone could confirm that. Kind of surprising there but im sure they came out fired up and that would mean theyre in playoffs.
Prep took it to Columbus after an interesting start to the game were columbus scored right away on a reverse-pass then got a pick on the next drive. Final of 45-7 and Prep played subs most of the second half if anyone was wondering.
Lodi took it to lake mills 63 to 12 i think really surprising there at all lodi is the class of the conference hands down this year.

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I honestly think Poynette should've won that game. They got a pair of tuchdowns called back on some pretty bogus calls. I'm sorry. But seriously. Poynette played a good game through and through and given the circumstances they lost. But should've won. Good game though. Just thought I'd put that out there. That game is in the past now and won't get changed. Good luck. I hope it is a good game between Lodi and Lakeside for the conference.
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