1) South Shore(3-0)
Already have defeated Hurey and Butternut. Two teams that can hold thier own. South Shore had a tough game ahead I would imagine, against Mellen.

2) Mellen(2-0)
Mellen so far has played the two worst teams in the conference and did what they should have done. They pounded both teams and got the press going in the bayfield game. If they can get that going, they will be extremely tough with Walker and Pearson downlow.

3) Washburn(2-0)
Washburn is playing a full team sport here. They have 5-7 guys that could score double figures everynight but they balance the attack well. That may be their greatest strenght but also their greatest weakness in not having a go to guy that will take the game over.

4) Mercer(2-0)
Well, this just might be the year Mercer has been looking for. They started off strong with a 2-0 record but have soem of the hardest games yet to come. Well see if they can hang on in the 4th quarter of more phyiscal and higher tempo games.

5) Hurley(2-1)
Hurleys only loss coming to South Shore, AT South Shore. To play a close game there is awesome, so i expect that when they play at hurley, Hurley will have the upper hand. South Shore is a team that if they see you play they will find out where to crack you so that will be beneficial to the next game with hurley.

6) Butternut(1-2)
No real star on this team but still can hang wtih just about any team in the conference. Bortz so far has been the top scorer. My advice is go box and one on him or straight man, so you cover brennan who i don't believe can score well off the dribble. If you give either of them a lane or open shot they will score, not many other big threats on the team but still find ways to saty in the game.

7) Drummond(1-2)
I think they are looking for a scorer right now. I think Pliss should be the high scorer but that is yte to be seen. they will win a few more games but not going to be in the top 5.

8) Solon Springs(0-2) Another team who finds ways to stick in the game. Gilbet was overshadowed by 2 players in the last game, so they obviously have people who can score. Their Defense is sloppy so if they go cold on offense, they are done for.

9) Glidden(0-3)
Not much to say about this team, still rebuilding, and they may win 2 games this year in the conference.

10) Bayfield(0-3)
Good luck Bayfield.
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