The other proposal that is on docket to be voted on at the April meeting is the removal of the authority and responsibility for conference formation and realignment from the Board of Control and return that responsibility back to the membership and local control. If approved, member schools would be responsible for their own conference affiliations.

In my opinion this proposal is the more significant of the two potential amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Eligibility that the membership will vote on at the Annual Meeting in April. I live in the Fox River Valley and this entire region just went through a major realignment by the WIAA. For the most part it turned out well, but I'm sure there were some schools not entirely happy with the process. If the Milwaukee area is going to be realigned, I would think the local schools would rather be the ones making the changes and not the WIAA.

Yesterday Travis did a fantastic job and provided the petition signed by the various schools on the multiplier. Would you be able to produce the petition for this proposal as well? 76 schools were affected in the Fox River Valley by the latest realignment and I am curiuos to see if those schools are the driver for this proposal which I believe is going to pass at the meeting.

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I do not believe this will pass. Of the recent changes in NE WI only a few schools objected.

The schools simply do not want to look other schools in the eye and say "we don't want your school in our conference" or "we don't want to be in your conference any longer."
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This wasn't placed on the ballot by a member school petition. It was placed on the ballot by the WIAA staff.
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