My favorite team in the GMC everyone knows is Tosa East and I don't hide that fact. I do want to take the basketball team to task a little bit and just vent here a little on the forum we all enjoy so much. I believe there was a major lesson to be learned by this team and that is the lesson of coming to play every game and lay it on the court with all you can muster. Everyone knows that this team should have beaten Riverside but they didn't come that evening to the big dance with any sense of urgency and got their comeuppance. They had to sit back and watch other GMC teams keep playing while they were wondering what happened. They accomplished more than a lot of people expected of them and I congratulate them wholeheartedly but the real season is the state tournament and that's were the real teams lay it on the line every minute of every game. BC is going on because that's what they have been doing for many weeks both in practice and in the games. Tosa East needs to have a big reflection and then go out and start practicing for they can be one heckuva team next year if they start giving it 110% and start laying it on the court every game no matter who they are playing. This is a very talented team with a lot of good ball players. They play the best "D" of anyone in the GMC but they have got to start playing better offensively, too many turnovers and too many bad shots. I just know they are going to be very exciting next season and I hope they have learned a valuable lesson. If you don't come to play you get to sit at home and watch teams with less keep playing.
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Wucksey great post, I completly agree with you. I only watched TE once but when I saw them in the first quarter just demolish TW, but then let them right back in showed inexpeirence. Wucksey any word on if Haas might step down because I know alotta rumors are going around about that one.
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From what I've heard Haas is done.
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Just in case someone else was wondering....

come?up?pance ?noun Informal. deserved reward or just desserts, usually unpleasant: He finally got his comeuppance for his misbehavior. []
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