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OhioState just dominated both lines(offense and defense)
I think McEvoy would have looked like a superstar yesterday if he QB'd OhioState.

I knew Wisconsin wasn't as good as they 'seemed' on paper but I am
really bummed to see them get taken apart like they did last nite.
Only one word I can think of that sums it up - DISAPPOINTING
Tons of blame to go around, but WOW was that game disappointing
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Seems like no one even considers the fact that Wisconsin could beat OhioState.
Everything I read in newspapers and online has OhioState breezing in the Big 10 Championship.

Wisconsin has never lost a Big 10 championship game, yet they were always the underdog.
Not always the underdog on the betting line, but the underdog via the media speculation.

OhioState has also NEVER won a Big 10 championship.
Hopefully, form holds true again.

I'm not so sure that Ohio St. is really going to miss a beat with Cardale Jones starting at QB. Sounds like he's a big, strong, fast guy with a similar skill set to Braxton and JT.

Either way, I don't see either team running away with this one. I think the game will be decided by which Wisconsin offense shows up. If the sluggish, vanilla offense shows up, UW won't have a chance. If the explosive, creative offense shows up, I think UW has a very real shot at winning. I don't expect UW's defense to stop Ohio St. (I still don't believe they're nearly as good as their ranking), but I think they'll be able to contain Ohio St. within reason to give the offense an opportunity to put up enough points to win it.

Should be a great game. Would love to see Gordon run for 250+ and 4 TD's in a victory to vault him near the top of the Heisman race.

If that is true, Ohio State must have one heck of a 'system'; if they can simply put the next man up on the QB
board in and not skip a beat.
It would be the rare team that could continue to do that.
I give OhioState credit for being able to do it this year, but to have another guy that good.....hmmmmmm, perhaps
Meyer is a bit smarter than many Big 10 followers think.
Most teams in the Big 10 are lucky to have A 'functional' starter, much less have them QB after QB after QB

It's absolutely a system, which is why many of their QB's don't experience much success at the next level. There's nothing wrong with that though, and I'm hoping Andersen is able to do the same thing at UW with his dual-threat style. If GA successfully adopts a read-option/dual threat system like an Ohio St, Oregon, Baylor, etc. then I couldn't care less if the QB's he brings in don't make it in the NFL as long as Wisconsin is winning 10+ games a year.

This is terribly incorrect. Jones is not Miller or Barrett. He is a pocket passer. He looked so awful against Michigan after coming in, that they put in Red Shirt Freshman WR Jalin Marshall in at QB because his skill set is closer to Barrett than Jones is.

Yupp, Ohio State sure missed a beat playing their "awful" QB Jones. Looks like your entire post was incorrect.
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