I was interested to know the amount of coaches at each of the mbc schools that were also teachers in the district.
There seems to be a trend developing in the Somerset district. Here is the unofficial rundown for Somerset.
Football-Coach larson teacher
Volleyball Coach praschak teacher
CC Coach Macadlo teacher
Boys soccer Coach Roll AD
Girls Golf Coach Powers Retired teacher
Boys bb Coach Larson Non teacher
Girls bb Coach Livers Non teacher
Wrestling Coach larue non teacher
Hockey Coach Gilkerson non teacher
Track Coach otradovich non teacher
Girls Soccer Coach wilson Teacher
Baseball coach Ball Retired teacher
Softball Coach lindenburg teacher
Boys Golf Coach Powers retired teacher
6 current teachers out of 14///Is this the way of the future. Comments from other schools please.
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I can tell you that in your smaller schools....Glenwood City for example that was the norm for awhile, however we have somehow brought more staff into coaching with newer hires. At one point our BB and GB were all non-faculty. There are not enough teachers qualified to coach. Right now in GC we have:

FB---Strong-Teacher (all assistants were outside of school, one faculty volunteered)
VB---Briggs-Teacher (no assistant right now)
CC---Schutz-Teacher (assistant non-teacher)
WR---Strong-Teacher (assistant non-teacher)
BBB---Kittleson-Teacher (assistant teacher)
GBB---Kuehndorf-non teacher (assitants---Kelm Retired from GC, Me teacher at GC)
Track---Lamb-Teacher(only two faculty assistants
BB--Score-Teacher (assistant non-teacher)
SB--Me-teacher (assistant teacher)

So we have only one head a non-teacher. Pretty awesome! Last year we had only 5 HC on staff.
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I think it all depends on the district. If the district wants to put an emphasis on having successful athletics then they might be more inclined to look outside the district pending on the qualifications the teachers in their district have to be a varsity coach. If a district isn't highly invested in athletic success then they would probably just try to fill the position with a teacher in the district to save time. Just to be clear I'm not saying that are not teachers in districts that aren't qualified to coach. Coach Larson at Somerset is a teacher in the district and is more then qualified to coach football.

It wouldn't surprise me if it is a trend. Being a teacher is an incredible commitment you have to make and then being asked to give up another 2-3 hours a day (depending on the day) to coach can be overwhelming. Depending on the community, there can be qualified people within the community that also have a passion to coach.

All in all, I think it boils down to what each district/community sees as the best option.
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For Durand:
Football-Coach Rosemeyer math teacher
Volleyball-New coach next year
CC Coach-Coach Bantle teacher
Girls Tennis-Coach Yingst works at the school but not a teacher
BBB-Coach Redetzke gym teacher
GBB-Coach Jones teacher at out alternative school
Wrestling-Coach Sorenson non teacher
Track-Coach Schneider non teacher
Baseball-Coach Hansen science teacher
Softball-Coach Retzloff ag teacher
Boys Golf-Coach Churness ex-gym teacher
Boys Tennis-Coach Olson not a teacher

So its around half and half
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Is there a new Football coach in Amery? If so Who?
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