This conference used to be a conference of elite athletes who shared a huge passion for the athletics they were in, and now i see a lack of passion in a majority of the schools in this conference, and even by seeing nothing here on wissports is a sign, this thing used to be filled up every day with new posts. My only wish is to see this conference be revitalized by the want to compete, and to make yourself better as individual athletes and teams and to see a larger passion once again for the CLC conference. It used to be a major conference in the state, and if anyone wants to argue this statement please try and do so, but do a little research of this conference and you will find so many teams and individuals who have gone on to state championships and have accomplished elite goals in this state.

This may be a random post out of nowhere, but I hope that those who see this message with take it and carry it out. Get this conference back to where we all know it can be. Get on this site, report about athletics, talk among each other as competitors and teammates. Stay with everyone and everything that is going on in this conference.

I was in the conference within the past several years, but am now graduated and gone, but I saw the decline within the conference in terms of passion and competition. When i was younger, i remember how athletics in our conference were fierce and competitive. So, what will it be CLC? just another average conference with a few elite teams and individuals every once in a while, or a conference that is over all full of elite teams and individuals?
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