Ok this is a long post but i wanted to give all of you a viewpoint and see what you all think. So far I have been right on with my predictions and I am going to go Out on an early limb and tell you what I see. My opinion of course is subject to change (haha). Anyway here is how i view the CLC. You have one real good team and that is Oostburg. And folks let me tell you that is it. If Oostburg even gets two conference losses this year I will be shocked. The rest of the CLC is either very bad or mediocre. Here is how it shapes up to me.

Oostburg - Easily, Easily, Easily the class of the conference and could possibly go undefeated in this conference. Zimm, Swart and Gross are all excellent players and clearly above the rest of this awful conference. But the big problem for Oostburg is this: Will playing this conference schedule prepare them for the playoffs. I would say no. Look for Oostburg to be a high seed come playoff time and an early upset victim. Not that they dont have the talent but this schedule will not permit them to hone their skills. I would advise as many scrimmages as you can schedule. But I can see Oostburg going 16-0 and at the very worst 14-2 in this conference.

Kohler - Yes, Kohler could finish second. Want to know how bad the CLC is? Mark Kolb would be first team all conference right now and could very well be by the end of the year. This was a player who NEVER PLAYED last year!!! Kohlers front line of Wolf, Bogard and Garland wont scare any one either. Dont get me wrong I think Kolb is a player. He hustles, plays good D, and will take the big shot and clearly leads that Kohler team. But he also shoots a push shot and is about 5'8". I was also at the Kohler game last nite and I think Kohler only used a total of 6 players. Ryan Peters is an ok sub. Kind of a plodder who is careful with the ball. But he at least gives Kolb some rest. This really isnt much of a team and again playing in the CLC wont help prep them for state either. Also they must keep Kolb healthy to avoid a drop to the bottom. They could get second but then again so what? Second in this conference this year isnt much to brag about.

Sheboygan Lutheran - Have not seen them yet but have my doubts. they did beat Christian but then only beat Random Lake by 11. I do beleive this is probably a one man team. Not going to get them too far. I will go see their next game but all signs now are pointing to just average. Dont try to build up their game with Oostburg either cuz they will get slaughtered.

Sheboygan Christian - Had high hopes for this team and I do beleive they are one team in this conference with some "potential". But lets face it their effort against Cedar Grove on their home floor was not very inspiring. And Cedar Grove has shown they are a terrible team. They have an excellent coach so there is a chance they will come together. But right now i just dont see it. I do think that I have to see them play a few more times. Christian teams usually move the ball well but not this group.

Howards Grove - Saw them last nite. Not a good team at all. Lost to Kohler by 6 in a game that shouldnt of been that close. I thought the refs were awfully kind to HG last nite. This team has little and doesnt really rebound very well. Definitely below the top 4 teams in this conference. May finish around .500.

Cedar Grove - Look at their recent games. Enough said. Horrible.

Random Lake - Held Dekker in check last nite and lost by 11. May be the highlight of their season. Big guy is in foul trouble too much. Also lost to Elkhart who is lousy.

Elkhart Lake - Lousy. Always will be.

Ozaukee - Can at least look forward to not getting creamed by 30 points everynight since the conference is sooo down.

So there you have it

Great team = Oostburg

Average teams = Kohler, Shey Luth, Shey Christian,

Unpleasant to Watch = Howards, Elkhart, Random, Ozaukee, Cedar Grove, Yukkkk.

Let me know what u think.

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shutit, I think that you are a little to down on the CLC, is it down this year, probably because some teams lost alot to graduation, but I don't think it's horrible.
Here's my breakdown so far:

Oostburg: I also believe that they are the best team in the CLC. Three go to guys in Zimmermann, Swart, and Grosshuesch. Hustle player in Veldhorst, and Waech and soon Beernink add rebounding and frontline depth. If Wilterdink steps up could be very dangerous. Non-confrence games against Milwaukee Lutheran (d2 good team), Burlington Catholic Central (D4 #1 or 2 ranked in the state) @ WBY Shootout and then either Appleton Xavier or Whitefish Bay Dominican (presason ranked in D3) will perpare them for the playoffs.

Kohler: Good guards in Peters and Kolb a real suprise so far this year. Are playing well early and have a good coach. Frontline needs to step up especially Wolf. Come playoff time could be dangerous in D4; not sure about their regional but if Fondy Springs isn't in it could make sectionals if they beat SC.

Sheboygan Lutheran: John Dekker will keep them in games, the question is can his supporting cast get it done against a good team like Oostburg? I think that Oostburg can hold Dekker to 18-22 points and will limit guys like Dillman and Immel to single digits and will win by 8.

Sheboygan Christian: If they play to their potential could still finish in the top 3, and they usually get better as the season goes on. They have solid post presence and decent guards, but thier performance agaist CG didn't impress me.

Howards Grove: Have good guards and a great coach. Usually play with intensity and have good quickness. Are missing Horness' rebounding (9rpg.) and Polcar's scoring, assists, (10.5ppg. 4spg.) and the pressure he took off of Mogan. Lack of height will kill them agaist bigger teams.

The rest of the teams have some potential in CG, RL, EL, and Ozaukee. They will give teams some trouble at times.

I would have to say that the bottom of the confrence is stronger than usual b/c EL and Ozaukee will compete night in and night out, except with the top 2-3 teams.

Oostburg 15-1
Kohler 12-4
Sheboygan Lutheran 11-5
Sheboygan Christian 11-5
Howards Grove 10-6
The rest will beat up on each other.

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I think that you guy are buying too much into early Kohler play. I don't think that they will be the second best team. I think that shutit is being way to harsh on Elkhart. I mean you say we are always horrible but I mean we do have two wins. I am not saying this is a great team but come on a little critical eh? I am going to go

1Oostburg, the clear cut choice at the moment. How will they handle Lutheren will be the major factor in the race for the conference.
2Lutheren, These Kohler supporters are being ludicrous right now. Someone cited a 11 point win over Ozaukke as a let down. I think they will be hard to beat.
3Christian-They will come around
4.Howards-They will come around
5Elkhart-I really do think Elkhart has more talent then Kohler. Kopitske can contain Wolf and Kolb and Ringwell will be a good matchup.
7Cedar-Their program will have them improving as the year goes on.
8Ozaukee-Played a lot better against us then Random
9Random-Has potential to improve with good athletes.
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Ok I want to respond to everyone at once and alot of you make some great points. Just do it - Bruggink will have to be a wizard to have Oosty ready with this conference schedule. You are insane if you think a Clc conference schedule will get them playoff ready. But he is a good coach(maybe the best in the clc) and this is possible.
CLCbbfan - Lets start out with this. Kolb is far and away the best player on Kohler. Why you mention the Peters before him I will not understand. The Peters? Ryan has never been a starter and never will be. John is a 4 year starter who is averaging a whopping 7 points a game and always has some injury in big games. I swear he is limping off every game with some minor injury. Neither Peters can shoot. Kolb is the one player you cannot take out of that lineup. Plus he seems pretty tough. I really think the only reason the Peters are ever mentioned is because their dad screams so much from the crowd. Also the only reason the bottom teams will give some of the higher teams trouble is because the conference is way down. That is not a sign of better competition.
Resorter - First lets get this straight. I am not a Kohler fan. Far from it. I love basketball. Alot. But in the ClC i always avoid going to Kohler home games. Especially this year. I have been told that Kohler has no cheerleaders or no pep band. And hardly anyone shows for their games. Very very dull events. Plus they are always cancelling sports. Falls was supposed to coop with them in football and they sent us 1 player who didnt quit. I live in falls and work in kohler so i like going to clc games with some friends and we shoot the bull at lunch. If I do root for anyone in the conference it would probably be Cedar Grove or Christian. Also resorter you need to be more objective like me about Elkhart. Do you really feel they are better than kohler? Since they lost to kohler very very badly twice last year. Their game against oostburg was a joke.
Debaser- We actually agree on alot. I should not of said Oostburg was a great team. what I meant to say was that they are clearly the most dominant team at this point in the CLC and like i said that aint much. And remember my post said "Clc so far". So I do understand that some teams will evolve. But you are wrong to say this conference isnt down. Just go to a few games. At this point I think any clc team will be quick exits come tournament time with the possible exception of Oostburg.
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