Basketball season is less than a month away for the girls. How will the conference shape out.. Give your predictions, top players from each team, most overrated and sleeper team.
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Oostburg will be very tough.
Kristine Raeder + some strong soph talent make them at least (9) deep.
It will be interesting to see if they can beat OZ by using speed and depth to score into the 70's. If they do that, and play the defense they always do, it will be back to MadTown for the Lady Dutch.
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transfer of the roeder family from sheb falls makes oosty even better.may challenge keller for starting spot.
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kady telschow, nuff said
jj redick baby!!!!!!!
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I think this year the clc title will come down to two teams. However- I don't think the clc is down. In fact I think it should be very competitive conference.

1. Oostburg- tons of talent- depth-good coach- great tradition, The rich get richer with the addition of raeder. Telschow-harder-tentehove=loaded. Should make run to madison.

2. Ozaukee- don't count them out. They play great team bb. They have kaul-paulus-bundy....these gals can play. Will have to shoot the ball well to beat Oostburg......but if anyone can they can.

3. Cedar Grove- There a good team- but a step below the top two teams. They have good height..run a nice high-low game. Have a star in Meghan D. Obbink and Voskuil should have good years. Play tough physical D and are well coached every year.

Next.....?????? Elkhart-Random-Howards-Lutheran....in any order
Elkhart- Prange and kosniki good athletes. Coach Kuhlow is back-which means they will be better. Will suprise some teams.

Lutheran- Much improved..leffin can shoot the ball and they are scappy.

Random- Will continue to get better. Maybe a year away from making some noise. Almost have the whole team back from last year (didn't lose much). Dieringer and Boehlke should have good years and they have some talented underclassman coming up. May be a sleeper team.

Howards- They have schueller back- she is a talented player, but they lost alot. They have good young players on the way.

Christian- Will be better- have a tall and talented frosh...guards will be the question

KOhler- I really know nothing about them..Lost Apitz.

I would have to say that....CG-EL-RL-SL-HG could finish anywhere. CG is ahead of all those teams....but Random-EL-could be sleepers.

Over-rated- no team-- CLC as a whole I believe is under-rated in the state.
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I think that Elkhart should be alright with Kulow coaching. One thing I would say is even their teams that went to state only finished 4th in the conference. This is an overall D3 conference. Elkhart has a fairly easy regional always and they will be the favorite to get out of their regional as long as they finish higher than Kohler. At sectionals anything can happen. Elkhart and Oostburg probably have the best chances at state berths.
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